Last week, we checked out the first half of the EULA — the license limitations, the steps to terminate the agreement and a few other provisions. Give the man a what's what first. If he really sees the error of his ways and vows to be better, then you may have to remind him every time he steps out of line and provides him a finite variety of chances. He may not be keen to hand over Vent/Mumble and you may have to alter the password. Briefly, they had been shunned — and again then, you could not pay to alter your identify or switch servers. Did blizzard change from the 20 limit on shift right-clicking to buy from vendors? You should buy increase in the store and multiply the speed on any of the realms to x4-x6. My preachy two sentences: Purchase your video games. As a result of my partner and I have a private guild on one server for the 2 of us that consists of just our few 80s and little alts. This caught the eye of two former guildies from my previous server, they usually got here again to WoW, transferred to my server, and joined my guild. In the present day, we're one in all the most important guilds at our server, and we've a powerful realm popularity.