Online Stores : Will be People your Peril so that you can Shops?

Recently, there has been a burst of online retailers on the internet. And with a new store checking online every other day, a question popped up in my mind “Will online retailers spell doom for stores?” Maybe they would-or maybe they won't, the clear answer lays in exactly how we look at it. I mean stores have existed since ages-but online retailers are more convenient. It may be really tricky to answer that, but I just thought that I'd just attempt to express my thoughts on this...

Convenience VS Engagement

I agree, that online retailers offer plenty of convenience over a conventional retail store in terms of shopping. I mean, you will get almost anything be it apparels, shoes, bags etc. at the click of a mouse and that too at rates that appear unbelievable. But, on one other hand a shop offers you an amount of engagement why these online retailers i think, cannot match up to.

Unlike an web store, you can actually feel the item and compare it with the remaining available choices in real-time. Further, you can find people for sale in the store who will guide you about what's in vogue and what isn't! But, however a shop cannot match up to the prices being provided by their online counterparts... So it's really your responsibility whether we're seeking engagement or looking to find the best price at that moment. That brings me to my second point...

Everything VS Exclusivity

Personally, I'm not a very frequent shopper. But, I have shopped online on a couple of occasions. My experience was good, since the item that I got sent to my place was good in quality-actually as effective as the one offered at the retail stores. And I got it at an irresistible price.

But, I was looking for a product that has been very generic. What if you had been looking for a very specific product that was exclusive to 1 single brand? I am sure you would have to go a brandname exclusive retail outlet for the reason that case 角落生物. Isn't it? That's called exclusivity, which can only be provided by a retail outlet. It really depends from individual to individual; many of us are really brand conscious, while many of us aren't.

What I feel is that both online retailers and stores are equally important, and major big brands will always want to help keep some products exclusive with their stores only. Therefore, while online retailers are turning out to be the absolute most convenient way to shop at your personal pace at slashed prices, Shops on one other hand can give you engagement and exclusivity.

So, I know don't believe they pose almost any immediate danger to retail stores. So long as brands maintain exclusivity and engagement they'll be where they are, and provided that online retailers keep offering convenience and discounted rates on products, they will thrive. Fair enough!