Authorized Samsung Mobile Repair Center | 20+ Year of Trust

Our fleet of mobile repair geeks can serve your phone break down/repair needs at your convenience and at an affordable price. Just book online or dial  for an instant pick up request or witness your phone being repaired in front of you, just walk into any of our 5 repair center across UAE.

Axiom care – Genuine repairs with genuine parts.

CREDITED PROFESSIONALS Our technical teams are trained by the  manufacturer to repair and restore device back to manufacturer standards.

BRAND AUTHORIZATION All major brands authorization to repair as per  manufacturer guidelines and genuine parts.

GENUINE PARTS Optimum performance of the device is guaranteed by  ensuring genuine and original parts being used during repairs.

VOICE & DIGITAL CONNECT Prefer a voice call or text via the comfort of your smartphones, either way we are just few dials or clicks away to help you  throughout the journey of repair process.

We proudly represent ourselves as the samsung mobile repair service division of Axiom telecom the leaders in mobility distribution and retailing in GCC. We understand  the role of technology and gadgets that are so strongly intertwined with our daily life making us more connected and productive. Hence we are aware of the  impact and inconvenience of potential down time of these gadgets bring along. A trusted partner like us will help you through these difficult times.  Our 20+ years of experience backed by authorization from all the major Brands and powered by technologists will guide you through. In our 20+ years we  have witnessed all extremes of faults, so you can be rest assured on our capabilities and experience. We are trained and Certified by the manufacturers  to handle all the defects & repair them as per the manufacturers Standards. Please visit our mobile repair shop website for  more info & details.