Doug Roy | Corporate Event Magician | Wedding Party Entertainer

Looking an unusual gift to thank your customers or employees? Want a unique way to celebration a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion? It’s time to think outside the box and give one-of-a-kind experience – a virtual show by the Master of the Unexpected.

Doug Roy | Corporate Event Magician | Wedding Party Entertainer, Hire a professional magician for corporate event entertainment,

wedding entertainment, and more Doug Roy is a strolling magician and event entertainer. Doug has been obsessed with magic since he was a child and inspired by the greats – Houdini, Harry Blackstone, David Copperfield and David Baine. Please visit his site

for more details and infromation.

Magic delights and enthralls, transcending age and boundaries, whether witnessed by a child’s unspoiled eyes or beheld by an unsmiling adult who invariably breaks into a smile. Magic matters

Childhood and innocence are fleeting. We are asked to grow up quickly and choose logic over wonder. Magic awakens the child within us, creating refreshment and rejuvenation. Magic is impossible to ignore and always a memorable experience.


Imagine you have been asked to come up on stage. The Master of the Unexpected is in the back row of the audience. You select five cards from a deck and send Doug mental images of your selections. Doug pulls out a deck and shows you the matching cards. How did he do that? It’s another magical moment that will instill any party or event with delight. Doug also can combine stage magic with strolling magic.

Nothing stops the magic. We are booking in-person live shows for a host of private parties, weddings, and corporate/non-profit events. Let the Master of the Unexpected make your occasion unforgettable

with mind-blowing strolling and stage shows, filled with awe-inspiring acts of mentalism and magic.


We are ready to book a great virtual or live in-person experience for you.

It won’t happen magically so visit this website and book a show now.