You Can Sell Your Home – And You Can Sell It Yourself: Why You Don't Need a Real Estate Agent

They had to settle on a price. Anita said the house was “priceless.” But Stewart, a wise CPA, looked at the prices other houses in the area had sold for. Their house had great amenities, but he realized that the price had to be based on the square footage, so that's how he priced it. On the second day, it sold for 99 percent of their asking price.

They didn't make the profit they once thought they'd need to make on their dream home, but they did make enough to relocate. Their son stayed in the school he loved and Anita got back ten hours of weekly commuting time.

Sometimes, selling is the right thing to do.

Who can afford to buy a home these days? Who can afford to sell their home? Look at all the foreclosures! Bursting bubbles. Low prices. Fire sales.

You might think that all these problems have to do with the economy. That's what the real estate industry says. Everyone knows how much impact this recession has had on America, so perhaps it's easier to just leave it at that: the news stories will fade and the industry will be happy to let us forget about awful adjustable-rate mortgages, the excessive inventory from overzealous homebuilders, and the lenders who don't know how to deal with foreclosures decently.

The real estate industry is certainly not going to bring up the fact that homeowners are left paying the same high commissions to their agents, even as they deal with declining home values. Yes, the economy has changed. Your 401K has dropped in value, and so has your home. The one dependable thing in today's world is the real estate agent's commission, which never seems to drop.

Unfortunately, when the economy has a cold, the real estate market has pneumonia. When the economy is in a recession, the real estate market is in a full-blown depression.

And while traditional methods for selling a house might have worked in a traditional economy, in a recession, all bets are off. We are being forced to look at new ways of doing things.

We once thought we could depend on our jobs, the government, and our investments. Now we realize we can only depend on ourselves.

So why on earth would anybody try to sell their house right now? It's simple, really. Sometimes life doesn't give you a choice.

Let's talk about being “house poor.” I have been there. I have had to sell a home for financial reasons, and let me tell you, when you're under that kind of financial stress, even the dog is miserable. Your house becomes a symbol of all the stress in your life, so when you walk in the door at night, you don't feel like you're “home”-you feel like you're standing in the middle of an albatross that you can no longer afford.

I'll take a firm stand here and say I am 100 percent against the current loan modification programs for homeowners. They don't just kick the can down the road-they can do far greater damage that can't be measured in dollars. Independent research shows more than 85 percent of mortgage modifications end up in foreclosure. If you've had to renegotiate with the banks once, you will always feel insecure that it can happen again. That is the reality that the banks aren't considering.

Trust me, and I mean this with all my heart: sell the house before you get to the point of desperation. Life is not about how many square feet your home is, it's about living your life with peace of mind. Selling your house yourself will save you a commission you probably can't afford to pay, and it will re-empower you, no matter what your bottom line is.

I'm upside down, and it's turning my life inside out

There are many reasons to sell your own home. You may be coming around to the fact that you don't need to put tens of thousands of dollars in the pocket of a real estate agent for things that you can do yourself. You may be attracted to the idea because you want to gain a little more control over such a personal transaction-or you may just want to try your hand at a different kind of business.

But here's a pretty good common denominator: you could use the money. Who couldn't?

The money you'll save by selling your home yourself isn't just a “bonus” for doing the work yourself: the fact is, selling your home yourself may save you from ending up in an ugly financial situation.

Mortgage applications are down by 65 percent. That means we have 35 percent of the buyers we had three years ago. Don't be one of those sellers that get stuck in a place where there's no more room in the deal after the brokers get their split, or you might ultimately be unable to afford to sell your home at all.

Maybe this has happened to you or someone you know. Maybe that's why you're reading this right now! Let me walk you through the two common equity problems that lead to this situation.

Equity Problem #1: The old homestead just isn't worth what it used to be

Homeowners who bought their homes in the years when the market was stronger (a seller's market) might have experienced too much market equity loss to make a profitable breakaway with their home.

Real estate value never goes down, right? That's what we heard, over and over again. But in this decade, we have learned how wrong we were.

These homes become financial drains on the owners until they absolutely must sell-but because that profit margin isn't there, they can't afford to.

Equity Problem #2: The home as an ATM

Plenty of homeowners took out home equity loans. They have already spent what would have been the appreciation on their home's value. They used their home as an ATM! This is a common scenario, but it almost inevitably creates a problem.

After they withdrew the equity they had in their home and spent it, that money was tied up in whatever they spent it on. Selling a Home in Irving, TX In some cases, that equity would have been the difference between making a profit and breaking even on the house.

And then the house dropped in value. Now in order to sell, they would have to dip into their pockets-and those pockets are empty.

Many people have the misconception that people who took out home equity loans were irresponsible, spending their equity on Hawaiian vacations. Maybe that was true for some, but most of those who refinanced did so because they needed the money to finish their educations or to survive when they lost their jobs. They behaved honorably, but they are left to deal with the shame of coming home and finding a foreclosure sign in the front yard.

If either of these problems applies to your situation, you might not be able to stay in your home. But you don't have to give up hope, and you don't have to feel ashamed. Keep yourself out of a financial situation that could turn ugly and problematic by selling when you have to. Minimize your loss by handling the sale yourself.

What Benefit of Fish Oil Supplement Consumption Could Help Improve Your Health and Well-Being?

There is a benefit of fish oil supplements that virtually everyone can get to improve their health and well-being. Do you know what omega-3 supplements could do for your health? This article discusses this exact question.

Most of the benefit of fish oil supplement consumption comes from omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA and EPA omega-3. These are the most readily available types to the body.

DHA omega-3, in particular, plays a key role in the cognitive (brain performance and memory), neurological, and behavioral function of the brain. Our brain is actually made up of 30% DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

A benefit of fish oil supplement consumption is that it can keep away many of the behavior problems that many people have to deal with today- like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, ADD, ADHD, and even Alzheimer's disease. All of these conditions have been linked to deficiencies in omega-3 fatty acids.

If you can believe it, the average American only consumes about 120 mg/day of DHA and EPA omega-3. To put that in perspective, that's only about one-fifth of what's recommended, which is about 650 mg/day.

A lack of omega-3 in the body may be a big reason why so many people developing these conditions.

The most benefit of fish oil supplement consumption is probably for the heart. Having high amounts of DHA and EPA in your body can effectively help lower high cholesterol, triglyceride, and high blood pressure levels and even stop abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmia's).

If you've had a heart attack, one benefit of fish oil supplement consumption is that it significantly prevents death, improve health status subsequent heart attacks, or stroke.

If you don't have any of these heart conditions, taking daily omega-3 supplements can help keep it that way.

There is also a benefit of fish oil supplement consumption for people with inflammatory conditions like skin problems, arthritis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn's. Fish oil's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the symptoms of these conditions.

If you're seriously thinking about taking omega-3 dietary supplements, then I encourage that you educate yourself about what to look for before you buy anything. The last thing you want to do is get a poor brand without the natural benefits that more quality brands come with.

Common Questions About Epoxy Floor Installation

An epoxy floor installer gets many questions from customers before installing an epoxy floor. This is natural since not everyone knows that goes into installation. Epoxy is an easy and effective floor solution that is more cost effective than purchasing a whole new floor for an area.

A proper epoxy floor job is a big investment in time and money. It is important that people know as much as possible before buying an epoxy floor kit. Even if people do not want to do the job themselves and want to hire a professional installer, the knowledge from epoxy research will allow them to properly question professionals about their installation.

Sometimes professional installers are not that professional and cannot tell people the abrasion rating of the topcoat or other performance specifications. Being able to question installers will help people choose the perfect installer for their floor. Installers who cannot answer basic questions are buying epoxy off the shelf that will not do the job.

Performance specifications are the indicator of what an epoxy can and cannot do. Low quality epoxies have little or no performance data. There is more technical information out there so people know exactly what they or their installer are buying.

For new or old concrete floors, all of the dirt and residues need to be washed off of the surface. For the best results, choose power washing. The floor needs to be etched with an acid safe etching solution provided in kits. This will remove deep dirt and open the concrete pores so the epoxy has a rough surface to adhere to.

Etching does not remove grease and oil stains. An oil or grease remover is needed for these kinds of stains. All oil and grease stains need to be removed or the epoxy will not adhere to the floor properly. The floor should dry for 24 to 48 hours depending on the ambient conditions. Then the floor needs to be coated with an epoxy kit.

New floors need to be cured for a minimum of 30 days before epoxy coating can be applied. The new floors will also need an extra strong etching, or second etching, since there are many curing residues on the surface that need to be burned out. If using an instant crack repair compound, then the cracks or dicots need to be patched after the etching.

Essentially, people want a floor that is dry, rough to the touch, and as clean as new concrete with no cracks or divots visible. This is the best way to ensure the epoxy bond properly and create a beautiful final finish.

When applying epoxy to floors that are sealed, all of the sealers need to be removed entirely. A buffing machine or sander with an aggressive grit should be run over the surface of the sealer as much as possible. A strong Muratic Acid solution is needed, made of 2 parts water to 1 part acid, to remove the sealer. epoxy flooring installation Test to make sure the floor is ready for treatment by sprinkling water on the floor. If it bead, then the floor needs to be resanded, reetched, and retested. The floor then will be neutralized with TSP powder after etching has fully removed the sealer.

Depending on the sealer grade, a diamond might be needed to grind it off. Do not attempt to apply epoxy paint over a floor that still has sealer on it, because it would be a waste of time and money.

Wood floors can even be coated with epoxy. The floors need to be sanded to remove dirt and factory coating. The floor then needs to be primed with a special primer and coated with an epoxy kit. These can be tricky, so it is best to call a professional installer for this kind of job.

Services You Can Ask When You Have Aerial Photography Skills

It never fails to amaze everyone when you see an aerial view of a picturesque place. Undoubtedly, there are so many marvels our world has to offer, and there's a lot yet to discover. To manage a really spectacular shot, you need to be up in the air. It's easy enough to perform aerial photography but there are some points to take note of. For a hassle free experience, you just need to approach the right company.

What is the right company? It's an enterprise that makes it possible for you to do aerial filming and photography without the numerous hitches that you can potentially encounter. It offers a comprehensive list of related services so that you need only go to one place to take care of everything necessary to accomplish an aerial shot.

What are the different services you may require in doing aerial photography?

  1. Aerial filming permits – Hire a company that can take care of all the aerial permits required in your project. You just need to make sure that you give its staff ample time to secure these, which typically include those from the Film and TV Commission, Ministry of Defense, National Media Council and the Civil Aviation Authority.

  2. Helicopter charter – There's no need to book a helicopter yourself. The staff will handle that, along with liaising with the pilot according to your production requirements.

  3. Drone video services – Your aerial filming can be supplemented by videos taken by drones, which can reach places that many not be accessible via helicopter.

  4. Photography equipment hire – Work with a company that can provide you with stabilised or non-stabilised camera systems.drone service companies It would be good if you can choose from a wide selection of systems and mounts, including low-budget options.

  5. Ground and support equipment hire – You have to think about landing as well, so your production may call for temporary heliports, landing lights, safety harnesses, LZ crash boxes, and VHF ground to air communication.

  6. The Crew – There's more to aerial photography than just you and the helicopter pilot setting off to friendly skies to take your pictures or videos. It's a more involved setup calling for the services of a certified helicopter landing officer and first aiders. If you don't have your own people for what you want to do, the company should also be able to get you a photographer or a cameraman, an aerial director of photography and camera technicians.

Designer Jewelry at Its Very Best

Any piece of jewelry whose design is its main feature can be ideally termed as a designer jewelry. Here, the importance is mainly attached to the designer. Jewelries molded by renowned designers are tagged as designer jewelries. The price of designer jewelry is always a higher than normal jewelry irrespective of the material used. With the hype in the fashion industry demand for designer jewelries has increased worldwide.

The market of designer jewelry is a fast evolving one. Everyday an old fashion is replaced by a newer and better trend. Owning designer jewelry is a practice of upper class and aristocratic society. However, designer jewelries are available at a wide range of prices. The cost mainly depends on the metal and stones used for the purpose. Gold is the most used metal by quality designers, mainly because gold is nonperishable and can be easily cut to suit any kind of complex designing patterns. For most of the designer jewelries, gold is used as a base metal. They are further mixed with different kind of metals in order to reduce the cost as well as to enhance its durability. This also gives a unique pallor to the jewelry that is trendier than the traditional yellow of the gold. vintage designer jewelry These kinds of designer jewelry are highly in demand. They usually contain 18-carat gold or less than that. More than the gold content, it is the uniqueness of the design that determines the value and preciousness of a piece of designer jewelry. Uniqueness as a quality is the most important factor for a designer jewelry because people to enhance their personality and character wear such jewelries. Everyone who owns or buys a designer bracelet or earring wants it to be one of its kinds.

Gems and diamonds are also an important ingredient of designer and fashion jewelry. International designers use rare collection of gems as well as precious and semiprecious stones to create jewelry. The antiquity and exclusiveness of such precious materials increases the cost of such designer jewelries rapidly. The style of designing is also important. Some designers give their jewelry a traditional touch. Sometimes the entire design is copied from traditional patterns to give the jewelry a rich and antique look. In addition, sometimes, the designs are a blend of both modern as well as classical styles. Fine art jewelry is also a popular form of designer jewelry where the ornaments are handmade by skilled artists. These designs depict the culture of a country or religion. They eerily resemble primitive patterns of jewelry designing. They are highly in demand because of their natural eccentricity.

Many people prefer to get their designer jewelry made as per their requirements. This makes the designs unique and personalized. This is a common practice in case of gold and diamond designer jewelries. Over the past few years, designer jewelries are so much in demand that several internationally branded designers have started to retail their jewelry through online shopping sites. Nevertheless, when it comes to online buying one has to be sure about the authenticity of the brand and the designer.

Trends In Home Lighting – From Necessity To Decorative Accessory

During the earliest times of recorded history, lighting was considered a practical necessity. In today's terminology, this is called task lighting. When a particular area of a cave or shed or cabin needed lighting to cook or eat a meal, that's where the lighting was placed. Little, if any concern was given to the aesthetic appeal of lighting and the concept of decorative lighting wasn't even born. With the advent of modern technology and the ability to design and manufacture lighting fixtures in all kinds of styles, sizes and shapes to say nothing of materials used, indoor and outdoor lighting has taken on an additional dimension. Perhaps the best way to describe this dimension is aesthetic or decorating appeal. Homeowners have discovered that the right kind of lighting can transform a humdrum home into a showplace.

Gone are the days when redecorating focused on just picking the right furniture, deciding on the best type of floor covering and what kind of cabinets to install. Lighting fixtures have been added to the mix and the part they play in creating just the right impression cannot be understated.

The goal in selecting the right lighting is to consider the way you want the room to feel when you walk in. Rooms that are places to rest and visit with others need to feel inviting and warm. A den, for example should feel cozy and intimate. Kitchens should have lighting that is functional and makes the preparation of a meal easy. The dining area should have lighting that exudes warmth and comfort. The bedrooms should have understated lighting that leaves the impression of intimacy. Give serious thought to the effect you want to create in a room when considering the lighting that you will be using. Joe Rey-Barreau, an architect and professor of interior design at the University of Kentucky has identified three major trends in the selection of indoor lighting. He states “...decorative lighting is probably the most important accessory you can buy.” These trends have developed as a result of the wide variety of lighting styles and configurations available in today's marketplace and can be summarized this way:

o Casual elegance: The creation of warm, relaxed and comfortable environments with casual lighting that is a little more upscale in design.

o Simplified traditional: Remove the excess and simplify. Decorative lighting here may be solid brass, but stripped down and rich with antique patina.

o Soft contemporary: Clean, modern and simple in style. While architectural in design, these fixtures are no longer cold.

A major consideration in selecting lighting fixtures is the basic architectural configuration of the home. Today's builders are opting for taller and loftier ceilings. The standard in years past was an 8' ceiling. Architects determined that the 8' ceiling created a closed-in or somewhat confining impression. Visit most new housing developments today and the models will typically have up to 10' ceilings in most of the main rooms. Consequently, lighting fixtures have been designed to complement these rooms with tall ceilings.

In the kitchen and dining areas, oak cabinets have traditionally been the standard. The trend has shifted towards deeper and richer wood such as cherry. As a result, the lighting used in these areas needs to be carefully chosen to enhance the wood used in the cabinets by giving them a richer look. In addition, there has been a trend to return to metal as the primary material used in the construction of lighting fixtures. Buy Light Fixtures in Florida Copper and brass fixtures are becoming more and more popular replacing plastics and synthetics as primary construction material for lighting fixtures.

The mini-pendant is becoming more popular as is under-cabinet lighting.

Outdoor lighting is one of the hottest lighting trends today. Many more homes are being built with decks and patios which require lighting. The lighting industry has responded by designing weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant fixtures for outdoor use in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. In addition to deck and patio lighting, more modern landscape lighting has become available.

Lyme Disease Treatment – Small Dose, Big Effect

The person suffers the Lyme disease when the bacteria are transmitted into the body, when the host ticks bites. Lyme disease causes symptoms ranging from rash, fever, chills and body aches to joint swelling, weakness and temporary paralysis.

Important thing to be noted is these ticks spreading the disease is the typically about the size of a sesame seed. Basically this disease is most common in rural and suburban area in northeastern and Midwestern states. The disease is also been prognosis in Asia and Australia.

It has been noted that Lyme disease is very much curable, but if not detected in early stage then it may lead to complications like: • Chronic joint inflammation (Lyme arthritis), particularly of the knee • Neurological symptoms, such as facial palsy and neuropathy • Cognitive defects, such as impaired memory • Heart rhythm irregularities • Memory loss • Difficulty concentrating • Changes in mood or sleep habits

Lyme Disease Treatment:

Antibiotics, is available for treating the Lyme disease, which is also the primary treatment for Lyme disease. It is effective and almost all patients recover after antibiotic treatment. Nevertheless, curing may take weeks to months after finishing antibiotic treatment.

However, a point to be noted, people who recover slowly don't benefit from taking additional antibiotics. Also there is an observance that in about 10 to 15 percent of individuals with early Lyme disease, when there is substances released by the dying bacteria, which cause a brief worsening of symptoms. This is called as Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. The reaction is noted to occur within 24 hours after starting antibiotics, which may continue for a day or so, and then it also resolves. But if such reaction is happening then Antibiotic therapy should not be stopped, but should instead continue as originally prescribed by the medical practitioner.

Small Doses and Big effects: Oral antibiotics Oral antibiotics: the standard treatment for early-stage Lyme disease. The doses include • doxycycline for adults and children older than 8 • Amoxicillin or cefuroxime axetil for adults, younger children and pregnant or breast-feeding women

These drugs are effective and clear the infection and also prevent complications. Recommended course period: 14- to 21-day course of antibiotics.

Intravenous antibiotics – this method of treatment is used when the disease has progressed. Effective in eliminating infection, but the disease being progressed it takes time recovering symptomatically.

Recommended course period: Doctor may recommend treatment with an intravenous antibiotic for 14 to 28 days. Side Effects: lower white blood cell count, gallstones and mild to severe diarrhea.

Pain-relieving medicines: For reducing the pain caused by the rashes. Also swollen joints can be reduced by the doctor removing fluid from them. They use the procedure of arthrocentesis which is a procedure whereby fluid is removed from a joint using a needle and syringe under sterile conditions. The doctor also can use oral medications such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Nuprin) to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

Warning: Avoid bismacine

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given warnings to consumers and health care providers to avoid bismacine.

Bismacine, also known as chromacine, is an injectable compound, which has been prescribed by some alternative medicine practitioners to treat Lyme disease. Bismacine contains high levels of the metal bismuth, can cause bismuth poisoning, which can lead to heart and kidney failure. Though bismuth is safely used in some oral medications for stomach ulcers, but it's not approved for use in injectable form or even in oral form as a treatment for Lyme disease.

There is more likeliness to get Lyme disease if you live or spend time in the grassy and heavily wooded areas where ticks carrying the disease breed. Therefore it's important to take common precautions in areas where this seems to be prevalent. Treatment with appropriate antibiotics in the early stages of the disease will most likely, the individual will recover completely.

Pest Control Richmond VA – Spire Pest

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Safe Playground – Best Safe Toto Site Recommendation CommunityㅣEat Eat-Kill

Many scam sites are created and found every day. However, it is almost impossible for members to avoid scam sites through their own self-examination. If so, should I always use the Toto site while using the eat-and-run site while always worrying about the food? Nor is it. Safety Playground Eat-and-Kill always introduces a safe Toto site through eat-and-run verification.

The safety of our members is our top priority through eat-and-run verification, and we introduce a safe 토토사이트 (Toto site). However, the most important part is the post-processing of the members who have been affected by the eating out.

If you are not compensated for the damage, the damage will be borne by the members. However, in the 안전놀이터 (safe playground) Eat-Kill, we strive to establish a safe totosite culture. We will introduce the safe Toto site only when it is judged to be safe through the eat-and-run verification.

Advantages of Safe Playground and Toto Site You can easily find Toto sites that are guaranteed by each eat-and-run verification site. However, not all guarantees are safe. This is because, although safety should be guaranteed through the eat-and-run verification method unique to the eat-and-run verification site, there are currently many eat-and-run verification sites that only have patterns. However, the reason for the existence of the scam verification site is to prevent the scam site and to provide useful information to members.

Major Sites – Major Playground Rankings and Old Toto Sites RecommendationㅣTotoSix

Major sites and major playgrounds rank and eat-and-run to ensure members are identified. For Toto site recommendations, please check Toto Six, a food-and-eat verification site that knows how to reliably verify food and drink.

MAJOR SITES – MAJOR PLAYGROUND RANKINGS AND OLD TOTO SITES RECOMMENDATIONㅣTOTOSIX The number of scam sites continues to grow. However, even at sites verified by these eat-and-run verification sites, eat-and-run accidents occur frequently. The reason is that the Toto site, which forms an affiliate with the eat-and-dry verification site, is an eat-and-run verification site created by the eat-and-run site for the purpose of familiarity or planned eat-and-run.

MAJOR SITE CLASSIFICATION It is not easy to find a safe major site. Toto sites that have definitely passed the spoof verification and many procedures such as operating period, capital, and history of robbery are called major sites, but now many Toto sites are promoting as major sites. Just because it's a major site, if you use it recklessly, you can do a lot of damage. TotoSix recommends a Toto site that has passed the eat-and-run verification as a system verified by TotoSix. The most important condition is to be able to call itself a major site only after passing a rigorous hacking test.

RANKING OF SAFE PLAYGROUNDS AND MAJOR SITES It's really not easy to find a safe playground these days. When it comes to safety playgrounds, it refers to Toto sites that have definitely passed the 먹튀검증 . It is not very different from the major sites. However, it is not easy to find a 안전놀이터 like the 메이저사이트 . Because the procedure is so complicated, there are more than three procedures if you look at it broadly, such as capital strength, history of eating, and operating period.

TotoSix conducts its own food and eat verification and eat-and-eat verification at the request of members to report it. Among the 토토사이트 that have been verified to be eaten and eaten, Toto sites that have been identified as eat-and-go sites are registered as eat-and-run sites and share information about eating and drinking with members. We share a lot of information on scam sites, so I hope you check it out and be free from scams.