The franchise could do no flawed until now when the dev group determined to pander to those that by no means cared for CoD before while prostituting the franchises' legacy for cash; doubling down on this new route with focusing on the gimmicky, horrible BlackOut/Warzone/Battle Royale modes. CoD is the woman that received mixed with a foul crowd (those who by no means cared for the franchise and the questionable group managers that do not care for the sport or the community; who'd reasonably post about Satanism and Soccer.) Whereas the self-obsessed part is them not solely being toxic to the community but additionally, promoting the microtransactions; considering that this is how CoD ought to be. I did not want to break up with CoD like that but, it got tougher and tougher with each week. Call of Duty may have been so way more however, the devs took the path of least resistance and selected to be a money seize copycat of the mainstream battle royale games. Finally, I'd gladly go back to the older Calls of Responsibility since I personal them all on Steam but, they are unplayable. These lists are easy banners, player slots, brief information, and an ip or url to hook up with.