Curto Cafe in Rio

Ever been to a cafe where the beans are only from a specific farm? i hope so. Though this farm singularity isn't the memorable encounter with Curto cafe – it seems valuable to get out of the way 1st.

Ever been to a cafe where payment was an optional choice rather than a requirement without any other option? i hope so. However, since my visits to curto cafe – i have not been to a coffee place with such options.

Indeed, during my 1st visit, I took a picture of the wall where, costs were chalked. The text on the wall told the story of how much, roughly, it costs curto cafe to offer a single and a double esspresso, how much a capuchino might be, and so on. The picture was to share with friends.

Next time at the cafe, I noticed someone taking the same kind of picture. Why? My brother, they said, in Netal, is considering to open a cafe – I think this way of pricing is great!

Perhaps you have been to Netal? Perhaps that cafe is operating there now?

Back to memories from Curto cafe? Recall the single farm? Well.. Which ever coffee you might fancy, a long black, mocca, and so on – the barista will present the beans on a sliding scale based on how they were roasted. From light through to dark, 6 shades of roastiness. Which would you like?