Interior Design Companies in the UAE

The UAE boasts a number of interior design firms experienced in high-end projects. These professionals will take care of all the necessary details and ensure your project is completed on schedule.

Godwin Austen Johnson interior design of small house is one of Dubai's largest and most experienced design firms. Their team of specialists have completed many high-profile projects, earning praise for their intricate designs and stunning aesthetic.

Godwin Austen Johnson

Godwin Austen Johnson is a Dubai-based company with 180 staff members that has contributed to some of Dubai's most iconic buildings. Their services encompass architecture, interior design, mechanical and electrical luxury commercial interior design installation as well as specialist lighting for clients across various industries and sectors. With an emphasis on innovation and creativity, their team provides solutions across architecture, interior design, MEP and specialist lighting requirements.

One of the most notable projects was a hotel designed to showcase modern living with traditional influences that reflect Dubai's vibrant history. The design concept utilized various woods, fabrics and colors that work together harmoniously as part of an overall vision.

The hotel's crowning achievement is its two-story vertical garden on the top floor. A truly remarkable feat of engineering, this attraction should not be missed when visiting Chicago.

Godwin Austen Johnson is an award-winning architectural firm that specializes in design, construction and renovation. They're renowned for their creative solutions and high-end finishing touches on projects ranging from hotels to residential developments. Some of their notable works include Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Emirates International School; additionally they were proud members of some of Dubai's iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa.

Muse Design

Dubai boasts an array of talented interior designers who are revolutionizing the way we view decoration. Some even own businesses specializing in luxury interiors – these companies are the best in their field and guaranteed to leave you with lasting impressions.

Muse Design is an interior design firm that specializes in residential and office designs. Their level of excellence is achieved by always keeping customer satisfaction top of mind.

They provide a range of services such as creative space planning, 3D rendering and project supervision. Furthermore, the firm provides furniture selection, flooring design and more.

Muse Design team of expert designers collaborates with clients to create a space that expresses their individual style and taste. With knowledge about current trends, you can be certain your new home will stand out and look stunning when completed.

Their work is an innovative blend of Asian and European visual arts, employing historical techniques as well as handcrafted processes. Their designs are sophisticated, modern, and contemporary; additionally, they use high-quality products made with natural materials that feel soft to touch.

Their interior design projects range from villas and apartments to beauty salons. These designers take great pride in their work, striving to create homes that are both functional and beautiful.

These professionals will assist you in selecting colors, materials and furniture that will enhance your home's style. Furthermore, they work closely with you to guarantee that your house is as comfortable as possible.

They can assist with kitchen design. The kitchen plays an integral role in any home, and their specialists will help find the ideal color scheme that complements both your style and budget. Furthermore, they'll suggest appliances and other features of your kitchen that will set it apart from others.

The Penthouse is one of the world's most luxurious apartments, so it deserves only the best interior design. Muse Design team provides an extensive selection of penthouse designs that are both stunning and comfortable – so contact them today to start creating your perfect space!

Baniyas Furniture

Baniyas Furniture is one of the leading home design companies in UAE, offering high-quality and elegant furnishings for your residence, office or apartment. Their selection includes sisal carpets, contemporary rugs, office furniture and other items to make your place feel like home. Furthermore, their dedicated customer service team are available to assist with all your needs and questions.

The firm's extensive experience allows them to design and implement projects for residential, commercial, and governmental customers throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. They provide full-scale turnkey interior design, fit-out, and renovation services for large-scale developments as well as smaller specialty jobs.

They work closely with their clients to comprehend space requirements and produce designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Drawing upon dubai interior design extensive product knowledge and cost estimates, they create a budget plan and timeline for their work.

This firm has a distinguished history of creating elegant yet sustainable architecture and interior design projects. Their impressive portfolio includes work in residential, hospitality, commercial, and workplace design.

This Dubai-based firm specializes in creating an atmosphere that perfectly reflects their client's individual taste and lifestyle. Their designs encompass a variety of spaces, from commercial to retail and residential, and they have designed dozens of buildings throughout the region.

Their experienced design staff helps you select the ideal combination of materials, colors, and finishes to create the atmosphere you envision for your home or business. They have expertise in all phases of design – from concept to completion.

If you're searching for a home design company that will make your space feel like home, Baniyas Furniture is your perfect fit. Their products are elegant, cozy and comfortable to touch – the perfect combination!

They offer their clients free delivery and installation services as well, guaranteeing you get exactly what you want without paying extra. Furthermore, they strive to ensure their customers have an exceptional experience.


The UAE boasts some of the world's premier interior design firms. These professionals specialize in creating luxurious spaces, such as villas, hotels or office spaces.

MatsMall is the undisputed leader in this market with its excellent services and competitive prices. This online shopping store in Dubai carries an extensive selection of products from different brands, plus offers product research, sourcing, delivery services, installation services and maintenance as well.

It is renowned for its customer-focused approach. Its experienced team works closely with clients to understand their needs and requirements, then provides quality products to satisfy them.

They offer high-quality, sophisticated products such as fabrics, furniture and lighting that are designed and produced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Al Manzool is an esteemed Abu Dhabi-based architecture and interior design firm that provides turnkey solutions to its customers. Its experienced teams manage every step of the project from planning to execution, offering services suitable for both commercial and residential needs. As a result, Al Manzool boasts an extensive clientele.

ANARCHITECT is an award-winning Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design practice that specializes in delivering bespoke projects for design-oriented private and corporate clients worldwide. Their diverse portfolio of built work includes residential projects, leisure activities, hospitality facilities, workplace environments as well as culture initiatives across the Middle East house architecture design, Europe, Asia and Africa.

This design studio is renowned for its contemporary and modern designs. Its top interior designers craft spaces that seamlessly incorporate traditional elements with contemporary features to deliver a fresh, timeless aesthetic.

The company is a premier provider of architectural, interior design and fit-out services throughout the region. Their capabilities range from interior fit-outs to refurbishments, shopfittings and joinery. As an established name in this industry, their team of specialists ensure your project is finished on schedule, within budget and to the highest possible standard.

They boast a reputation for executing elegant luxury design solutions, with hundreds of successful projects worldwide. The firm excels in providing creative and innovative solutions to clients, with years of experience among its top interior designers. Furthermore, they offer expert advice and guidance to their customers so that they can make informed decisions regarding their design project.