Style Manual


Please note any “TODO” or “TK” – that means text around it is incomplete or inaccurate, such as missing a citation.

This document is a manual of how I style my writing: construct it in a way that I think accurately and precisely communicates my ideas.

It is in early development.

License and Editorial Information

The Written Voice

This section contains a general description of the voice I try to use. By voice, I mean the mix of content and style that gives my writing its personality. I wrote every rule in this manual with the primary objective of clarifying my voice.

My tone might change depending on what I'm writing, but my voice should stay consistent.

Write Respectfully

An important part of my tone is writing respectively: making positive assumptions about the writing's subject and audience.

To treat the reader with respect:

To treat the subject with respect I:

The Rules of Writing

The “rules” of writing are those relatively immutable standards which guide the construction of a clause or sentence. I call them rules because that's what everyone else seems to call them. Personally, I don't think they should be viewed that strictly.

Rules of Grammar

Rules of Punctuation

Rules of Spelling and the Treatment of Specific Words

Rules of Writing Titles, Names, and Proper Terms

Rules of Writing Numbers and Mathematics

Rules of Abbreviations and Jargon

Rules of Quotations and Dialog

Rules of Phrases and Sentence Construction

Rules of Colors and Sensory Descriptions

Structuring Text

Structuring a Sentence

Structuring a List

Structuring a Paragraph

Structuring a Piece

Guidelines for Determining Structure

This section contains guidelines for determining how you should structure a piece of writing, for example a short list of software dependencies the reader will need to install.


Tone is that variable element of writing which conveys the piece's attitude and intention. Word choice, sentence and paragraph structure, layout, and other attributes all factor into defining a pieces tone.

I find it most helpful to define a piece's tone with adjectives, such as formal, colloquial, or emotional. When creating a piece, I record these as properties, sorted from highest to lowest importance. That is, when two tone adjectives have contradicting rules, the one written first is the one whose rules are followed.


Writing for Content Type

Fiction Writing

Marketing Writing

Technical Writing

Rules of Publishing


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Writing Training and Exercises

About this Section

This section (is in early development and) contains instructions on training staff in how to write.

Writing Flow Training

This training (is in early development and) will teach you how to write a piece, from assignment to submission.

Assignment Research Training

This section (is in early development and) will teach you how to conduct research for a writing assignment.

High-End Hotel Description Writing Training

This training (is in early development and) will teach you how to write descriptions for high-end hotels.

Writing Training