Criminal Lawyer

OR Criminal Law team stands up with our clients from the first moment the crime is committed till the execution stage. In this regard, we pursue painstakingly every stage of investigation and prosecution phases as well as due process and application procedure for appeal. After the finalization of the resolution, we provide legal support for our clients, as their defender, with regard to law on criminal execution. Besides, we provide all kind of legal support for our clients who are victim of the crime -as deputy of complainant- from the moment of suffer because of the criminal act until the finalization of penalty for the perpetrator. As a criminal lawyer, we are always with you with our expert staff.

Criminal Acts

Our team, with its highly experienced Criminal lawyers and solution partners, provides prudent and professional legal support for clients in various fields including drug trafficking, malicious wounding, defamation, menace, blackmailing, causing damage to property, simple and qualified larceny, sexual harassment, sexual assault, fraud, manslaughter, reckless injury, violation of privacy, recording of personal data and tax crimes. Our lawyers, who are present with their clients during the police and attorney generalship statements, also participate in interrogations by the Penal Magistracy of Peace and make all the applications regarding the law of execution. Procedure on Criminal Cases

The procedure of criminal investigations and prosecutions should be pursued carefully since it might be resulted in imprisonment. In line with the principle of ex officio examination, judicial authorities conduct investigations irrespective of demand in detection of the crime. However, this is not an obstacle for the complainants, suspect or accused to have an active role in judicial procedure. OR Criminal Law team actively involves in investigations and prosecutions regarding any matters that can be for the benefit of the clients. Yet, the mostly considered issues in punishment of the suspect or accused are unjust provocation, self-defence, subjective and objective elements of the offence, the density of intention, matter of discretional extenuation, effective repentance and minimum and maximum limits of penalty.

It is vital to make necessary applications for appeal immediately after the imposition of penalty by the court of first instance. At this stage, if the deadlines are missed, the penalty becomes final and the execution of sentence begins. Another vital issue is the appellate petition which is sent for the review of the Court of Cassation. According to the Criminal Procedure Code (article 301) the Court of Cassation shall only inspect the points indicated in the appellate petition and, if the appellate request is based on omissions regarding procedures, the facts declared in the appellate petition explaining them. Therefore, forgetting any issue in the appellate petition will result in its neglect in the review of the Court of Cassation, as a result of which the verdict is approved given against the accused while it will be broken. As being conscious of the significance and sensitivity of each stage, the lawyers of our office represent their clients in a careful and rigorous manner from the moment that they are informed by the clients until the execution of decision.