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The IP Address occurs to be a non-public IPv4 deal with which insinuates that you'll be not able to connect it to a router further than your private home network. However, your router’s public IP address could be to be had for use. To avoid any battle or confusion of the IP addresses, handiest one device on the neighborhood network can use this IP address. Sometimes domestic directors trust that a router is the usage of the default IP address of while in reality it's far configured to a one-of-a-kind one. To take a look at the neighborhood router’s present day IP deal with one need to take a look at the default gateway of any device this is currently linked or related to it. If you're using a Windows device or OS, you will be able to get entry to the router’s IP deal with by way of using the command “ipconfig”. To do this, you need to open the command prompt and enter the command “ipconfig”. This will show a listing of connections of your laptop. Your router’s IP cope with might be visible below the segment “Local Area Connection”. That is your Default Gateway. ROUTER USERNAME AND PASSWORD LIST The following listing contains the default router username and password. Simply, pick your router from the drop-down box under: I FORGOT ROUTER USERNAME AND PASSWORD; WHAT CAN I DO? It is a not unusual err to forget about a router’s username and password. Some are even blind to their router’s default login. If you appear to fall into any of the aforementioned categories, you can observe any person of the techniques mentioned underneath: METHOD 1 – USE THE ROUTER’S DEFAULT USERNAME & PASSWORD This is virtually no solution however instead a critical little bit of information. Almost every router comes with a label that includes the default username and password. This label can be discovered on the returned or underside of the router. METHOD 2 – SEARCH THE MANUFACTURER’S SITE FOR THE ROUTER’S DEFAULT USERNAME AND PASSWORD If your router does now not include a label that consists of a username and password, the next excellent alternative is to undergo the manufacturer’s website at the hunt to your credentials.