Miracle Working God – Miracles, Miraculous, Miraculously Move Through Me!

Thank you so much for working through us Even when we are angry and put up a fuss Act like spoiled brats and forget to be grateful Wonderful Jesus you truly are always faithful Empowering us day by day to push through anyway All the aggravating stuff we daily must attend to Undoubtedly we could not do it without You Because Your Spirit strengthens us in all we do. For this we lift up our praise and thankfulness Even when circumstances try to get the best of us Overwhelm, overtake, demoralize, and crush us Somehow through it all you fight mightily for us Giving us wisdom and power to push through No matter how perilous the trials we go through Insufficient are words to convey our deep gratitude Miracle working God, Christ in us, flowing through A sign of your mercy, grace, and gentle tenderness To consider within us You'd deposit your blessedness The Spirit that resurrected Christ, lifting Him on high With divine supernatural power we too can soar and fly Rise above our daily pressures, pain, and many problems With the Word of the Lord by which we renew our minds God Almighty can touch, transcend, and move any time Intervening and orchestrating manifestations and miracles Filling us with His love, acim and Word making us oracles Surprising as it may seem to take forgiven sinners as we This is the plan of the Creator of the universe ironically In Him and His purpose we do rejoice and lift up our voice Knowing assuredly in Him we live, move, and have our being Help us dear Lord to spiritually stay focused and continue seeing Your hand in all our ways, days, and difficult challenging struggles Remind us to take time for You before we think to seek Your hand Let us arise with love to touch your heart and express our thanks Miracle working God upholding us and providing the air we breathe We love You! We need You! In You from captivity we are freed.

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