KDE Dev-Vlog 1: Gwenview becomes more pretty

Hello! I've been contributing to KDE software for a while but this is the first blog post I am writing.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been improving the user interface of the default KDE image viewer Gwenview. Instead of just writing a text about the steps of turning a mockup into reality I made a video. I think it is way easier to show the evolution this way and it is also more fun for me personally. I think the video turned out great overall so please enjoy!

I went through the effort of writing English subtitles for this German video so I hope you won't mind reading them.

Strangely enough this is the first time the KDE community can see moving pictures of me even though I've been contributing for over two years now: I didn't have a webcam until recently and in-person events weren't possible because of Covid.