Please Vote in the Upcoming European Election

Sorry to annoy you, I would prefer not to deal with politics either, but considering that Mastodon recently lost its status as a nonprofit organisation in Germany without an explanation we cannot ignore that there very much is a direct impact of politics on what we do.

As someone who is collaborating with an international group of nice and smart people every day, it might not come as a surprise that I am opposed to all those parties that keep blaming migration and foreigners for every political failure. Let us try to support the innocent people who are being attacked by terrorist groups or nations. Way too many parties are hostile towards people who try to have a happy, honest life while ignoring or understating the importance of fair taxation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

You might say: “But all the parties are corrupt!” – Well, true. In every group there is a share of psychopaths. We even have some in KDE! (Surprisingly few though!) This should not deter you from contributing. Please be the change you want to see in the world and vote for the party that sucks the least! Or don't, it's your life and I am not your mom. Thanks for reading. :^)