Bim modelling

Throughout human history, the construction industry has always evolved, always striving to increase labor productivity while reducing overhead costs. The introduction of automation in the modern world does not look like something extraordinary, the construction industry is developing at an active pace, including thanks to information technologies. So at the junction of these two technologies, a completely new direction is emerging.

Bim modeling is a modern approach to design, at its core, bim modelling is a three-dimensional virtual prototype of a future construction object, which includes the infrastructure of this object.

The use of BIM technology in the project provides the following advantages:

- more accurate planning of financial costs;

- reduction of time for calculation of estimated documentation;

- reduction of spatial collisions;

- reduction of overhead costs for construction;

- increases the speed of making changes to the project.

BIM modeling allows you to solve design problems at any stage of the life cycle of a construction object, from the customer's idea, to the design, construction, operation, and demolition of the structure. Perhaps another of the main advantages of BIM technology is the achievement of the same conditions of the technical and economic characteristics of the constructed structure, with the expectations and requirements of the customer.


BIM technology is widely used at the design stage of various objects, to create an accurate three-dimensional layout of the structure. Also, BIM technology has found application in construction, for the control of design drawings and actual execution with the use of laser scanning for accurate measurement.

Information modeling technology in practice has shown a significant increase in the speed and quality of construction work, which in turn has reduced the cost of funds for the object being built. To date, BIM has proven itself in many Western countries. There is no doubt that this technology is the future and that the use of this technology today will allow you to save huge amounts of money tomorrow.

Another advantage of BIM technology is the virtual layout of the structure being built, which allows you to evaluate and calculate various solutions even before the start of construction work. All project participants, from the customer to the builder, get access to reliable and complete information, which in turn improves the quality of construction work, reduces the time and material costs for the construction of the object.