Do it the right way, the perfect way of converting your Apple Mail to PST

There are number of ways of you can go about import Apple Mail to Outlook. You can take the traditional manual way of converting your file or the advanced approach of using the new generation third-party converter tools. But what’s the right way of doing it? Well, it’s with next generation third-party Apple Mail to PST Converters.

The Best choice for your Apple Mail to PST Converter

Manually attempting the process of Apple Mail to PST Conversion may leave you hanging in between. The conversion process may result in causing damage to the data without bearing the desired results.

Third-party converter tool is the way to go. And when it comes to selecting the right Apple Mail to PST Converter there is no better than USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

The tool is a complete solution that handles everything with perfection giving you the safest and smartest Apple Mail to PST Conversion.

Convert the format of your choice

Mail Extractor Pro offers you something more than what’s mentioned in the description. With other Apple Mail to PST Converters you can only convert Apple Mail to PST. But with Mail Extractor Pro you can convert a lot more than that.

Mail Extractor Pro allows you to convert a range of formats to PST. This range includes formats like Thunderbird, MBOX, EML etc. This allows you to convert multiple files of different format with the help of a single Apple Mail to PST Converter. You can easily manage more than one accounts or sway between different formats as per need or as you like.

apple mail to pst

Convert the Unicode content and achieve a safer conversion process Conversion of the Unicode has always been the hurdle at which many Apple Mail to PST Converters have perished in the past. This problem has hampered many Apple Mail to PST Conversions in the past.

Unicode is the encoding scheme of all the non-English content of your input file. As nowadays email can be used to transfer anything, therefore, it is composed of not only texts but also much more. All these files be it images or attachments etc. are encoded using Unicode. Therefore, it is a bit tricky to convert.

In past many Apple Mail to PST Converters failed to deliver a satisfactory performance on this front that has led to incomplete Apple Mail to PST Conversion and may end up damaging your input files data as well.

Mail Extractor Pro provides you completely secure conversion process by converting all the Unicode content present in your input file.

Interface like no other

Mail Extractor Pro breaks the stereotype of an Apple Mail to PST Converter having a hard to figure out interface. The tool provides you with one of the most intelligently designed interface for an Apple Mail to PST Converter.

The interface is so designed that it only shows you what’s necessary to have a complete and safe Apple Mail to PST Conversion process. It provides you with dialog boxes and informative wizards at every step of the conversion that guide you through the entire process making it a lot easier.

Get it all for free

Download the free trial version of the tool to experience all this and a lot more. Get your copy today.

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