It all started with a suggestion A simple request, and a brief intermission The feeling was mutual, the atmosphere casual The expansiveness of the sky that day, notable It was just a tease, the idea to think of bumblebees whenever meeting someone new No one thought at the time about cupcakes, let alone about starting an open air cupcake factory although there may have been a tacit connection, still and all, all intentions were essentially pure of intention And we were entirely in agreement It wasn’t until that first bumblebee kiss, as coincidental as the impulse to lean over and kiss an almost total stranger We were well met, and yet a kiss is a kiss And a bumblebee kiss on a dimly lit roofscape Well, it’s pregnable As fondness overcame refractory desire The kiss that bore cupcakes benighted bellicose designs

The honey bore jacinta scented flour The cracks in the concrete yielded soporific elegies The gentle, firm rotation of the belt drive mixer The whir of persistent motion and love bumbled us back to another cupcake kiss