Look up Shift positions Reach out toward the door Grasp the lever, and pull Push the door open Step down, out of the car Move onto the sidewalk And take a step

Soft light falls down around you And you don’t pause to look around You move ahead, unobstructed, thinking of the day ahead

The ground firm beneath your feet, and your footfalls steady You carry yourself forward, until one foot steps down into a soft pool of light

Look down Turn your hands over Like dry ice, soundless, fine dust glows alabaster white Moving with, around, of your dissonant state of disposition Hesitate, breathe, and descry

This glissade, tryptographic light flowing all around you, of you You begin to wonder, unconsciously to wander The near future fades into the distance

A small cafe has the right color You see from the road inside has the right emotion As you step inside, the mood of each person comes clear The space is accessible, and you settle into a seat Set down a pair of glasses, and say, ‘Hello’.

Just a push, a touch Incorporeal