Finally Legatus bought sick of 2b2t and wished to play another minecraft survival server, so he had the concept of creating a “department” of the Imperials, where members may play each servers for a similar group. He than expanded to 9b9t and 2b2t at the identical time, Merick met DavidPyrain in 2019 and labored with him to create the 2b2t department. This lasts a certain amount of time, the minimal period of time for a navy related vote is 1 hour. It was not the first time, of course. Anyway, skip to 2016 and Lego was given Emperor by Legatus, Lego was the primary emperor to really expand the Imperials to different servers. The Republic The Republic was formed by Gamerman as a new system to substitute the easy Emperor system, this was so there might never be 1 individual ruling the Imperials at any given time. Merick was a general in 2017 below Titus when the Empire died he re-founded it as emperor. Noname helped lead the Empire. Noname is now known as Unix.