We're going to use the default Minecraft server, which can be downloaded from the Minecraft web site. The first two numbers allocate reminiscence to the server, while pause retains the server window open. When it first came out, it launched us to new types of stone like Diorite, it brought us Prismarine, and our favourite, Rabbits! But as a free app and a giant playspace on Oculus hardware, it seems like it's going to be something worth exploring. Your world and add-ons are stored securely within the cloud, so your mates are free to hop into the world even if you happen to arent available. There are 17 classes in all, together with admin instruments, chat-related tools, function-enjoying elements, world generators, and so much more. How much does a Minecraft server price? Minecraft Realms Plus is the simplest option for internet hosting a server, and allows up to ten gamers to hitch your server, but comes with the caveat that you are basically renting a server from Mojang, so it wont have as a lot freedom.