There are two main phrases I’ve used in my previous, first post that I would like to clarify before I go further into my ideas, in order for us to be on the same page and for you to understand me even if you haven’t or won’t read the books I have mentioned.

The first one of these is “Illusions”. The definition of the word is “false belief”. Something that is not real, only we think it is. I would say illusions are concepts, objects, behaviors, thoughts, and just generally creations created and upheld by individuals and therefore by masses without them realizing. According to Wikipedia, “although illusions distort our perception of reality, they are generally shared by most people”.

Neal, the author of the book I have previously mentioned has a whole book on the topic of Illusions. Now, I don’t feel like I am somebody who is yet another person repeating the same things in writing, so I’ll just say, if you feel called to it, read it, listen to it, or simply choose to remember. As I said in the introduction, I believe you need nothing (this could be something relevant a paragraph later) to remember who you are, you need no books, gurus, or anything. You yourself can decide to remember who you are. Explaining and having a written form of the truth is available. I honestly mean that I am somebody who enjoys explaining and answering to questions, but note that the general truth will be the same from my side too. So the reason for me recommending Neal is not because his work is my bible or my القرآن but because I would literally say the same and you may understand why after you've read it. The book is called “Communion with God”. However, I will use the list of 10 illusions the book features so as to get the idea through.

The 10 illusions and next to it, the universal truth.

  1. Need exists. — God needs nothing.
  2. Failure exists. — God cannot fail, and neither can you.
  3. Disunity exists. — Nothing is separate from anything.
  4. Insufficiency exists. — There is enough.
  5. Requirement exists. — There is nothing you have to do.
  6. Judgement exists. — You will never be judged.
  7. Condemnation exists. — You will never be condemned.
  8. Conditionality exists. — Love knows no condition.
  9. Superiority exists. — A thing cannot be superior to itself.
  10. Ignorance exists. — You already know all this.

These are all perceptions that some people, a 'long, long' time ago made up, and people are living in this world, acting like these are the rules of nature, acting like these illusions are equal to the simple fact that if you don’t get oxygen in your system for a couple of minutes, your body will stop functioning. I encourage you to take a moment to think about it. Think about the fact that literally everything around you, physical or institutional wouldn’t exist if society decided so. We made it, we choose, every day to uphold it, and we can choose to diminish it. This is true for everything except the functional minimum we, as monkeys evolved on this planet with – air, food, water. Everything else is a product of years and years of mostly unconscious creation by a species who has the creating power, but does not recognize it, because they forgot about it. We are on a ship that is going towards an iceberg, screaming in fear, yet we choose not to recognize that the ship is driven by us.

The illusion of need is the base of it all, where it all comes from. You do not NEED anything besides what I have already mentioned, the functional minimum (which many people these days don’t, nor do they have the opportunity to have so others can have it by multitudes – apparently people call this a working society/system).

I’d like to come back to the term “the functional minimum” meaning that in nature, there is no need. In the place humans have evolved, you didn’t need to wear clothes, heat your house – in fact, you didn’t need a house – or work in order to have food. Nature provides the water for you to drink from a spring or any water body, the fruit to eat from a tree, while basic body function is guaranteed by intelligent cells and organs. The rest is a creation, conscious or unconscious. You can have it, but consider not fooling yourself by refusing to take responsibility, blaming it on long dead people who made up all these concepts.

If this seems like an interesting topic, I encourage you to read the book, as I can see my truth on those pages. Not the other way around.

I see a community fully conscious of its creating power, where people, instead of living in the illusions, choosing not to realize they are in fact, creations, use their creating power to live in a way that’s in alignment with them/their beliefs. Where people use the illusions to consciously and mindfully create experiences they wish to live through. I would love to go back to nature, to my natural form. The condition of the planet and the attitude of society affects this to a significant degree, nonetheless I would like to experience this. I invite you to be together, if you desire to create and experience this too.

As you may remember I mentioned, that there are two things for me to explain, and the next post possibly will be about that, namely remembering. In that post I also plan to include why I refer to this experience as Forever Adventure. Thank you for reading this. I am thankful for you. (yellow heart emoji)