The Trendy e Hookah Pens Have Caught The Fancy of Passionate Ones

The best way to turn on the smoking experience without inhaling any smoke, flame, tobacco, tar or nicotine is to take to the e cigarettes. It has been available in the market for almost a decade and has already caught the fancy of many smokers spanning all ages. You can also try this wonderful smokeless device that will help you quit smoking and continue your affinity towards this habit. Also, they have created a huge market appeal and with its amazing benefits, you would feel tempted towards it. green cigar


An e cigarette, though exudes the taste of tobacco, contains no harmful substance and is really a wonderful piece of thing for those who cannot live a day without smoking. It's just a battery powered vaporizer that contains no nicotine, tar or carbon monoxide.

Shisha pens

Electronic hookah pen or e Shisha stick, one of the e cigarette products, is the latest new craze that has hit the market. When people talk about e hookah pen or sticks or shisha pens, they basically refer to something that looks like a pen or a stick that are similar to e cigarettes. These hookah pens do not contain a tinge of nicotine. As an alternative, these e hookah pens contain a brilliant concoction of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol with added flavourings for a wonderful and tempting aroma and taste. The basic mechanism of these pens goes like this – the hookah pens operate with the aid of a battery that is used to heat up the coil. This in turn heats up the e liquid. This is turned into a vapour on heating which creates a nice flavour and smell and is inhaled by the consumer.

Modern style

With the leading online stores, you can find a collection of hookah pens or shisha sticks that reflect a complete blend of modern style and outlook with the traditional cigarettes. Because of the pleasure that you get coupled with the fantastic smell, harmless mechanism and the modern style, e shisha pens or e hookahs have gained added exposure from the smokers and non smokers. These have magnetized the passionate individuals all across the world as they give similar experience of smoking when you are actually not burning any tobacco or tar. So, you can also get rid of the nasty smell and smoke and can enjoy it anywhere, be it a party, indoors, outdoors, trips, etc.

However, while buying the same, make sure you pick a user friendly shisha pen. You can also go for a beginner's kit if you are new to this world. Electronic hookah pens are available in a myriad of flavours, colours and attractive packs. You can buy them in single piece or in bulks and is definitely a cost effective way of satisfying the smoking pleasure. Also, these are extremely convenient to carry and easily fit in your pouch. So, now no need of driving to the hookah bars. You can simply enjoy the hookah flavours from anywhere.