Writers and Ideas

One of the most common questions everyone asks a writer: what is the place to draw inspiration and ideas? We all like to think that brilliant, fully formed ideas about what to write just come to mind. You might even think that all you have to do is learn some great technique that suits you best so that you can get the most out of your writing without much effort or effort.

It's true that you have more great ideas than you can write. It's true. Only the difficulty is not the lack of phenomenal ideas, but the fact that no one has taught you how to get all that good stuff out of your mind.

Where's the beginning ?! Every book on writing will tell you that you must start with some solid premise or good idea for your story. What is rarely talked about or written about is where did the idea come from, how do you get it?

This is the cause of much confusion and even frustration among aspiring authors, and it has contributed greatly to the myth that you either have or don't have a great idea to write about. The essence of this confusion is the mistaken belief that creating good ideas is primarily an event, not a process.

Beginning writers believe that great titles arise from a single event-a sudden wave of inspiration that emanates from their minds through a fully formed idea for a good text. One such, individual event then leads to an extension of the process of that idea to the final piece of writing. It is true that the mere occurrence of a fruitful and productive idea is a process in itself .

Knowing that this is the key, you can generate more ideas than you think.

The secret to endless ideas . The key detail of idea generation is the same one that solves all problems in writing – it is, of course, simply writing. The old adage that says that “writers just write” is true in many ways and is just as important as idea generation.

If you just sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and wait for inspiration to manifest itself, that's not a recipe for success for great writers. In such cases, best essay writing services recommend taking a break to reason and rest . Great ideas come straight from writing. However, if you still do not have the right idea of what you are going to write about ?! Remember: once you get rid of the very idea of writing as an event and start looking at it all as one big process, you'll be surprised at how much you can write.

How does it work ?! To start writing something, you just need some inspiration and encouragement. Start with something you're really interested in. It could also be a place that fascinates you, a character drawing, details of clever dialogue, or just an inspiring title.

As an author , you will begin to collect such details in your everyday life. You will begin to notice when you hear or see something that you might find interesting to use in one of the following texts. That little impulse in the back of your brain that says there's something of value in exploring some details, just listen to it. And when you sit down to write later, start with that detail.

What are you thinking about, what are you feeling, what questions are you asking yourself as you write ?! And write fast. One of the key details to generating ideas is to write as fast as you can.

And remember, you don't want to analyze anything yet. Just write as many words on the sheet as you can. If in the meantime you realize you're writing something completely different than when you started writing, start with that detail. The idea is not to emphasize structure or even where the story will take you. You want the volume, the richness and variety of thoughts and possibilities that you bring to the writing.

Don't make any decisions, just remain open and receptive to everything that comes your way. You'll be surprised to find what's on your mind . In the meantime, when you write something, just send it to us. We already know how to make the most of it.

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