“You say you knewBill Henry, the guy who was suspected of stealing millions from players?” “Yeah,” he said. Why I Followed The Poker Conspiracy poker conspiracy “Want to hear a story about the poker conspiracy?” – Your friend Larry.

One day Larry was watching TV and he came across a story about the life-long poker player who was accused of stealing a large amount of money from his own winnings and hiding it in his bank account. Larry told me he thought this story was going to be the big one.

So when he got home, he asked me for a game of Texas Hold'em. I opened the door and walked into the living room and saw John standing by the TV. John was very pale and a little tired. He didn't look like he wanted to talk about the poker conspiracy.

I said, “What's wrong John?” “I don't know,” he said. “I've heard about that poker conspiracy. Do you know what they're saying?” “Yeah,” John said.

I asked him why he was sitting in front of the TV. “I was watching the game.” “Oh,” I said. “I guess that's all I needed to hear.

What was his name?” “Larry.” “Did you tell him anything?” “No,” he said. “Let's go have a drink,” I said.

We walked into the casino suite where John had been playing and I said to him, “What's this you're hearing about the poker conspiracy?” “They're saying I'm the one behind the theft of millions of dollars from players and hiding it in my bank account.”