Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect is a smart alternative to apparel presentation with human models. The category of photo editing service gives the option not to use a human for apparels in photographs. Clipping World provides this service that can fulfill your needs with great appeal. The operation is a combination of multiple editing methods with multiple tools of Photoshop. Here we are mentioning the program name Photoshop because this is the first one with the facility. Also, the perfection of editing works is better with this. However, there are other programs you may find today but they are not as convenient as this one. We will need a couple of images of the same apparel over a mannequin to run the operation. We need images of the front part, the inner back part, lower back part, and inner sleeve part. Then we use a Photoshop program to isolate them from the background and combine them together in one. We also use a shadow over the inner back part due to creating a natural look. Our professionals do the whole operation with maximum accuracy to make the presentation perfect. The daily capacity of Clipping World for the service is 2000+ images per day. We also create a 360° packshot if you need but the production time and cost are higher than usual. Have a closer look at our website’s service page for more. Need to mention, we offer up to a 50% discount in bulk for Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect. visit here:

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