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Anabolic Steroid Solutions For Building Muscle  It is a well known undeniable fact that getting into shape involves a lot of hard work. Along with consuming well you should follow a well balanced workout regime. A short cut to finding a effectively described human anatomy exists with the use of anabolic steroids.

These steroids really are a school of hormone steroids. This means that in addition to providing your system with an instant way to get more muscle definition you stand a top chance of hormonal improvements occurring to you.

These improvements are well known unwanted effects which occur from applying any anabolic steroids. These changes if they happen aren't reversible. As these steroids are extremely harmful to the body there are many sporting associations.

which have barred the use of these steroids. One of the sporting teams which don't let players who've used these steroids to participate would be the Olympic Games body, the NBA, FIFA and others.

One of the greatest approaches to understand why these sporting bodies don't wish to see the use of these drugs is that the human body undergoes changes which promote synthetic human anatomy energy and speed. Which means commonly qualified players could have difficulty competing against these bulked up athletes.

While exercise which centers around ways of developing your body's muscles and your energy obviously steroids like anabolic steroids build these same muscles up quickly. While the standard path to building your body is through work, steroids work with substance enhancements.

So before you start using any anabolic steroids you should be conscious that there's a drawback to them. That drawback may contain the truth that the body has become composed of muscles which have been heightened up easily and you may become determined by these steroids.

There is also the fact some of those anabolic steroids could be categorized to be illegal. Now one of the greatest methods to learn if you need to use any of the anabolic steroids which can be found would be to consult together with your doctor.

After you have buy anabolic steroids online the actual causes for trying out applying steroids, your medical practitioner should be able to offer you some advice and medication.

If you feel why these medications are not working as effortlessly since the anabolic steroids you can generally search for organic alternatives. Besides these there are several compound solutions to steroids that you could investigate.

No matter which route you choose to take the key truth to remember is that once you begin using anabolic steroids you will not be able to reverse the medial side effects.


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Clitoral and Direct Vaginal Stimulation: Dos and Don'ts  Similarly, stimulants have risks. Stimulants practically “burn off up” the body's mobile metabolism. Stimulants artificially “rev up” our metabolic processes- but everything that increases, usually must slow down.

Examples of stimulants contain: caffeine, nicotine, non-prescription cool medications, chocolate, weightloss pills, like ephedrine, or mother huang, and the type of drugs called amphetamines- both officially prescribed and illegal.

Obviously, it is simple to get hooked. Several, if not many people nowadays, quite frankly, are tired. Weakness is a pandemic of 21st century life. First, the velocity alone of our lives is dizzying. “Managing” everyday living requires a colossal “juggling” act.

That phrenetic juggling may degrade the most effective of us. Moving mentally and physically from task to task drains our assets of hormones and nerve chemicals and disturbs mobile health. But reaching for stimulants to have through our busy days backfires earlier or later.

The emotional and mental accident from stimulants is nothing to get lightly. Abruptly ending stimulants of any sort can result in despair, nervousness, irritability and even suicidal thinking. At minimum, fogginess, or dullness in target and attention occur, alongside weakness, which is often debilitating.

Furthermore, stimulants can be quite “psychologically” addicting. There's an inherent fear of the “crash” actually if it is gentle, of ending stimulants abruptly.

Literally, stimulants affect a variety of organs and body systems. Strain on center muscle and body boats are but a few physical risks of stimulant abuse. Dehydration is common. And you can find concealed demands on your body of stimulant abuse- short term and long term.

stimulants rev up kcalorie burning by increasing adrenaline. Adrenaline actually burns protein within the body and destroys lean human body mass. Needless to say, stimulants promote a reduction in appetite.

That diminishing appetite may result in malnutrition eventually. Even when anyone maintains near regular bodyweight, the nutritional price of cells becomes markedly depleted.

In addition, stimulants raise insulin degrees in the body. Long term larger insulin degrees really promote fat obtain, maybe not fat loss, that individuals usually grab stimulants to achieve.

In addition, while stimulants encourage a transient escalation in serotonin, attributing for their temper enhancing results, the long run utilization of stimulants burns off out serotonin reserves.

Serotonin is one of the key neurotransmitters(or nerve chemicals) responsible for maintaining a healthy mood. Longterm stimulant use, in using out serotonin in the torso, may cause a major accident in mood.

Several detoxify from very addictive stimulants with no less than medication. Obviously, these individuals move “cold turkey” but a lot of liquids are essential; flu-like indicators such as drinks, tremors and shivers are common. Thinking is usually really foggy for at the least a couple of days.

If your stimulant of preference is caffeine, you might need to wean over a period of months, and buy stimulants online that time, reduce your workload, and get lots of rest. Actually weaning from coffee slowly may possibly result in complications, nausea, weakness, nervousness and irritability. Problem and insufficient determination are common,

at the very least for many times to several weeks. Some people might have the ability to wean from coffee entirely following several days, but more generally decreasing usage is a procedure that'll get months to months.

Stimulant use and abuse reach crisis ratios, mainly in response to the excessively demanding lifestyle. Understanding of the dangers and correct detoxification are crucial for mobile and life restoration.


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If You Believed You Overlooked The Web Gain Innovation Try CryptoCurrency In early days of its start in 2009, thousands of bitcoins were used to buy a pizza. Since then, the cryptocurrency's meteoric rise to US$65,000 in April 2021, as a result of its heart-stopping drop in mid-2018 by about 70 % to about US$6,000, boggles your head of many persons – cyptocurrency investors, traders or simply the simple curious who missed the boat.

Remember that unhappiness with the present financial system gave rise to the development of the electronic currency. The development of this cryptocurrency is founded on blockchain engineering by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym obviously employed by a designer or group of developers.

Notwithstanding the countless ideas predicting the demise of cryptocurrency, bitcoin's efficiency has influenced many other digital currencies, specially in recent years. The accomplishment with crowdfunding attributable to the blockchain fever also attracted these out to scam the unsuspecting public and it has come to the eye of regulators.

Bitcoin has encouraged the launching of numerous other digital currencies, There are still a lot more than 1,000 versions of digital coins or tokens. Not these are exactly the same and their values vary significantly, as do their liquidity.

It'd suffice at this time to say you can find fine distinctions between coins, altcoins and tokens. Altcoins or alternative coins generally explains other compared to groundbreaking bitcoin, though altcoins like ethereum, litecoin, ripple, dogecoin and dash are regarded as in the 'main' category of coins, meaning they are dealt in more cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coins offer as a currency or store of value whereas tokens present asset or energy uses, a good example being a blockchain service for offer string administration to validate and monitor wine products from winery to the consumer.

An indicate notice is that tokens or coins with minimal value present upside opportunities but do not assume similar meteoric raises like bitcoin. To put it differently, the reduced known tokens might be easy to get but might be hard to sell.

Before getting into a crهل منصة هوج بول نصابة؟ concerns viz-a-viz the commercial methods defined in the bright report accompanying each initial cash giving or ICO.

For those knowledgeable about shares and shares, it is perhaps not unlike original community giving or IPO. However, IPOs are issued by companies with tangible resources and a small business track record. It's all done inside a regulated environment. On one other hand, an ICO relies simply on a concept proposed in a white paper by a small business – yet to stay function and without resources – that's trying to find funds to start up.


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Places in Which Study Substances Are Typically Used  Study chemicals are fresh compounds which can be employed for clinical research purposes. It is essential these substances intended for study should be carefully treated as their improper managing will even result in death. They are capable of creating many medical issues like severe throwing up,

heart inflammation, palpitations of center, large body pressure, etc... Also, they are capable of creating skin conditions as well when they're maybe not treated properly. Due to the high risk involved, usually study companies handle them carefully and they get the best sort of understanding of making utilization of them inside their research.

Some years back, study businesses needs to right visit the office of pharmaceutical companies specifically operating for providing these chemicals, but today, it has become easier as some of the greatest organizations are giving the facility to buy research chemicals on line for their customers.

You will find best on line suppliers and research organizations must visit the website of those service services and originally, they will have to flick through the web site for finding if the substance that's expected by them has been offered by the particular on the web company.

That can be achieved by them with the help of research package provided in these sites and after they discover it is available, they could just add the merchandise to the shopping cart software for sale in these websites.

Above all, they can place their purchase in mass and can get the compounds properly delivered with their doorway that too with great loading for ensuring that there may not be any leakage of the compound during transportation, which might be dangerous for the people.

Several of those companies are ensuring same day transport for orders obtained from a particular geographical area that too for orders which were received by them before 3 pm on that particular day.

Most importantly, many of these businesses are ensuring fast a reaction to the emails obtained from theirresearch chemicals for sale potential customers and they also make certain that the order will be brought to the doorsteps of the customers less than two days from the day of ordering.

A lot of the research companies will be needing a particular kind of chemical more often and when they may hold in touch with an on the web organization they are able to quickly obtain research substances online that to the specific chemical that they need could be obtained conveniently within a confined period of placing their get online.


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Learning how to Deal With Kiddies With ADHD talent diagnosis tool Cancer patients' friends and families usually experience powerless and at a reduction concerning how to proceed once they learn of a liked one's diagnosis. While they suggest effectively and want to help, usually they are as cast while the person receiving the diagnosis once they learn that someone shut in their mind has cancer.

As a 10-year cancer heir and also someone whose Mother, Dad, two aunts, and Grandma have received cancer diagnoses, I don't know what's more difficult: to be usually the one recognized or to master a cherished one or friend has become a cancer patient.

As a cancer individual, your work is distinct to check out whatever course of treatment you decide upon and then regain your health. As a pal or loved one, your tasks and responsibilities are less clear.

Staggeringly high cancer statistics The Canadian Cancer Society's report, Canadian Cancer Numbers 2009, states that 40 per dime of Canadian girls and 45 per dime of Canadian guys will soon be identified as having cancer throughout their entire life makes determining how to greatly help our family and friends following their cancer analysis more important than ever. Performing one or all of the following eight steps will reduce a few of the tension of a cancer diagnosis.

Ask the cancer patient what you are able to do to help. Various patients have various needs. Some may appreciate having dishes shipped, the others having childcare arranged.If your friend or loved one looks reluctant to ask,

contemplate your routine, your talents and capabilities and cause them to become a supply they can't refuse.Let the cancer patient collection the agenda for the conversations. Some will want to port and require you to listen,

while the others may need a respite from their reality and want to know about your life.Offer to accompany your buddy or general with their doctor's appointments. Several medical associations encourage that because they recognize that people aren't always in the most effective mind room to ask what needs to be asked,

or for that matter to be counted upon to understand what's just been said.Stay accessible; don't vanish since of your discomfort with cancer. Many individuals touch base during the time of examination and then disappear.

Whenever a buddy or relative is diagnosed with cancer it's our chance to become our most readily useful selves so that we can make them within their time of need. By spending it forward, some day somebody will help you when you really need it most.

Present to be the point person for interacting the cancer patient's position and progress. Persons facing a living threatening condition need to place their valuable assets within their therapy,

and may not need the vitality to keep their network in the loop.Don't be described as a Pollyanna about the patient's condition and alternatively, don't repeat many ストレングスファインダー 4つの領域 mistaken conclusion that people trigger their illness. A cancer patient has enough to cope with without introducing guilt in to the mix.

Every individual with cancer has distinctive needs and demands for assistance. Just how much support is required, and when, will change from person to person. But finished that's continuous is the need for community, for people who might help the patient experience that they are a lot more than their examination and that they'll complete this.


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Early in the morning of the special day, the noise and bustle of families getting ready echo through the open windows of the building. Quickly, Antonietta pours the coffee already waiting on the stove, brings the filled cup to the table—between the uniforms she had just ironed—to add some sugar. Now with cup, saucer, and teaspoon in her left hand and uniforms draping on the arm, she walks to each bed to wake the kids one by one. While taking small sips of coffee from the spoon, she hands each child their uniform. Finally reaching the last bed—the sixth and biggest—she wakes her husband and hands him the coffee. The rounds are not over yet. Next to Papa, buried under the covers, is their youngest!

This is the special day, all of Rome are getting ready for the parade. Not Antonietta, however, even though she is a big supporter of Il Duce. Her wifely duties do not allow her the luxury to spend a whole day out of the house, unlike women who have domestic helpers. Antonietta will miss the historical moment Il Duce welcomes German fascist leader, Adolf Hitler, on his seven-day visit to Italy.

Hitler’s visit to Italy on May 3rd, 1938 was a significant moment in the history of fascism. Despite the fanfare, Mussolini or Il Duce, as he was called, did not agree to a military alliance with Germany. Nonetheless, after this visit, Mussolini began introducing laws which marginalized Italy’s Jewish people.

Having stayed home, on that special day Antonietta experienced a life changing moment. Whilst trying to catch her escaped bird, it was when she by chance met her neighbor, Gabriele, who lived across her apartment building. The bird had flown near Gabriele’s window while he was at his desk, contemplating suicide. After an exchange of visits on that day, she learned that Gabriele was a radio broadcaster who was fired and will be deported to Sardinia. His crime: being gay. Unlikely as it may seem, the two instantly connected. They both learned of each other’s life and their different views of the government, and as the story unfolds, the odd couple fell in love.

This is the storyline of the critically acclaimed Italian film A Special Day, directed by Ettore Scola and produced by Carlo Ponti. Released in May 1977, starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, the film received many awards, including the César Award, Golden Globe Film, and Nastro d'Argento, in addition to two Academy Award nominations. Interestingly, Mussolini’s granddaughter, Alessandra Mussolini was cast in the film.

Through the events of one day, the film gives a daunting picture of life under fascism. The omnipresence of the ruler in daily life is interweaved into the narrative and through the background sound of the parade taking place.

The story revolves around Antonietta (Sophia Loren), a low-educated, lower middle-class housewife. She is the image of the ideal Italian woman under fascism—an admirer of Il Duce, a devoted housewife and mother; a devotion extended to the state. “I have six children”, Antonietta said as she introduced herself to Gabriele (Marcello Mastroianni). “By the seventh, they will give you a bonus.” The government gave prizes and compensations to encourage women to bear many children with the aim of increasing the Italian population and army reserve. Single men, like Gabriele, in contrast, were taxed.

Antonietta’s husband (John Vernon) is the typical Italian fascist male of the time—the breadwinner and savior who treats his wife like an inferior being and has affairs with other women. Nevertheless, like the beloved Italian woman of the time, her family and the kitchen are the center of Antonietta’s life. From the kitchen table she would gaze out the window while pouring the remains from other cups into her cup—never really having her own cup (or life), except during Gabriele’s visit. Il Duce is present in family life through his picture that overlooks the kitchen. How the occupants are able to see each other through the windows is an extension of state surveillance.

“You forgot to take this,” said Gabriele, who suddenly appeared at Antonietta’s door, holding The Three Musketeers, the book which he had recommended earlier to Antonietta. He ended up coming inside and grinding coffee beans (and spilling some on the floor) for the cup of coffee Antonietta had offered. Then came a knock on the door. The caretaker (Françoise Berd) had come to warn Antonietta about Gabriele, who she knew was visiting Antonietta.

However, Antonietta was smitten by Gabriele, a liberal, antifascist, and gay radio broadcaster on the verge of suicide.

However, Antonietta was smitten by Gabriele, a liberal, antifascist, and gay radio broadcaster on the verge of suicide. How they made love, considering Gabriele’s sexual orientation, is open to interpretation—except for the conclusion that Antonietta had changed him. In fact, it was Antonietta who was changed by this encounter as she now sees fascism in a different light.

The film, however, did not fully capture the public life of Italian women under fascism. Although confined to domesticity, thousands to millions of women were enrolled in government-created women’s organizations.

In line with the state’s gender ideology, many women’s organizations focus on maternal health issues and care for newborns. However, these organizations were not merely a campaign to mobilize female supporters. They served an important purpose in reducing Italy’s high infant mortality rate, which was at 106.2 deaths for every 1,000 lives in 1938—the highest in Europe. Mussolini believed that a rapid increase in the Italian population could be achieved by banning contraception, illegalizing abortion, and establishing mass women’s organizations, where women worked to assist other women to improve hygiene, health, and nutrition.

From this view, fascist policies which excluded women did not completely isolate women from society.

From this view, fascist policies which excluded women did not completely isolate women from society. Women, in fact, had an important social role within the fascist framework, whilst any role was absent in the previous liberal state. Although these organizations controlled and limited women’s role as reproductive machines, in their own way, they empowered women. It was the first time any assistance of the kind, which improved women’s knowledge and skills about health and maternity, included women of all levels of the society. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of these organizations is debatable and despite a nationwide propaganda to promote the nobleness of motherhood, the population did not significantly increase and many women continued to work because of necessity.

All in all, A Special Day depicts how fascism penetrated into the private sphere, controlled, and oppressed the individual, as reflected in the lives of Antonietta and Gabriele. She was treated as the chattel in the battle for population; he, the male degenerate.

In the evening of the special day, the authorities came for Gabriele. While gathering his things, he accidentally found a few coffee beans in the pocket of his suit. Slightly bewildered, he took a quick glance across the window. Minutes later, from her window, Antonietta watched as Gabriele leaves in the night escorted by two men. She was reading aloud the first few pages of the Three Musketeers, the political tale he left her with.

-Some Thoughts from the Cappuccino Girl- (2023)

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Images: Cult Film trailers: https://youtu.be/KloWrqcHAF0

If you are interested in how population polices affect women, read: Only Women Breed: Population Policies and Gender


Cavendish, Richard (2008) ‘Hitler and Mussolini Meet in Rome.’ Historytoday https://www.historytoday.com/archive/hitler-and-mussolini-meet-rome (Accessed 22 January 2023).

Monti, Jennifer Linda (2011) The Contrasting Image of Italian Women under Fascism in the 1930’s. Syracuse University Honors Program Capstone Projects. 714. https://surface.syr.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1706&context=honors_capstone (Accessed 26 December 2022).


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God vs. King

Upon seeing Ibrahimovic's tweet, LeBron James sent him one of his new Lakers jerseys as a gesture of gratitude, but the ex-PSG striker sent the jersey back with his own signature on it.



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50 Word Review

Medilog allows you to record core health indicators such as blood pressure, temperature and weight. It's an excellent option for recording health data privately. It can exported into CSV as well as a PDF report which can be shared with your doctor. I use this every day and highly recommend.

Developer Product Description

Privacy respecting logging of blood pressure, blood sugar (experimental), weight, water intake, as well as a simple diary. Includes ways to securely share the sensitive data with medical staff if and when required.

* Support for biometric(fingerprint) logon * Charts with trends and thresholds * CSV Data export via protected/encrypted zip files * Ability to share health data via PDF files inside protected/encrypted zip files

Overview Detail
App Name: Medilog
Code Location : https://codeberg.org/toz/MediLog
Focus Areas health logging
Data Types blood pressure, temerpature, Oximeter, Health Diary, Weight
Data Export Yes. CSV + PDF Report. Automatic backups on the device (needs to be configured)
Connectivity No Connection needed.
Suitable for non-technical people Yes
Platform Android
Download https://f-droid.org/packages/com.zell_mbc.medilog/


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50 Word Review

This app allows users to track their intake of 12 foods types from the book “How not to die”. It's a bit inflexible but It has links to resources about nutrition so it makes a good reference (It's what I will use it for). UI is not optimized.

Developer Product Description

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen details the healthiest foods and how many servings of each we should try to check off every day from his book How Not Die—now including the 21 Tweaks from How Not to Diet—weight-loss accelerators to help maximize our natural fat-burning capabilities.

All the proceeds from his books, DVDs, and speaking engagements are donated to charity.

Overview Detail
App Name: Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen
Code Location : https://github.com/nutritionfactsorg/daily-dozen-android
Focus Areas Food, Healthy Eating, Forming Habits
Data Types Documents food intake, Weight
Data Export JSON, Manual Backups, NO Report export
Connectivity Offline, Reference resources (like butritional facts) require connection
Suitable for non-technical people Yes
Platform Android

Export Data Format Example (JSON)

{"Date":"20230121","dailyDozen":{"Spices":1,"Whole Grains":0,"Other Fruits":0,"Nuts":1,"Vitamin B12":1,"Beans":3,"Cruciferous Vegetables":1,"Flaxseeds":0,"Other Vegetables":2,"Beverages":5,"Berries":0,"Exercise":1,"Greens":0},"eveningWeight":0.0,"morningWeight":0.0,"tweaks":{"Meal 20 Minutes":0,"Meal Undistracted":0,"Meal Vinegar":0,"Daily Front-Load":0,"Daily Black Cumin":0,"Meal Water":0,"Complete Intentions":0,"Daily Cumin":0,"Daily NutriYeast":0,"Nightly Fast":0,"Daily Hydrate":0,"Nightly Trendelenburg":0,"Exercise Timing":0,"Nightly Sleep":0,"Daily Time-Restrict":0,"Weigh Twice":0,"Meal NegCal":0,"Daily Green Tea":0,"Daily Garlic":0,"Daily Ginger":0,"Daily Deflour Diet":0}}
{"Date":"20230122","dailyDozen":{"Spices":0,"Whole Grains":0,"Other Fruits":0,"Nuts":0,"Vitamin B12":0,"Beans":0,"Cruciferous Vegetables":0,"Flaxseeds":0,"Other Vegetables":0,"Beverages":0,"Berries":0,"Exercise":0,"Greens":0},"eveningWeight":74.0,"morningWeight":73.0,"tweaks":{"Meal 20 Minutes":0,"Meal Undistracted":0,"Meal Vinegar":0,"Daily Front-Load":0,"Daily Black Cumin":0,"Meal Water":3,"Complete Intentions":0,"Daily Cumin":0,"Daily NutriYeast":0,"Nightly Fast":0,"Daily Hydrate":0,"Nightly Trendelenburg":0,"Exercise Timing":0,"Nightly Sleep":1,"Daily Time-Restrict":0,"Weigh Twice":2,"Meal NegCal":0,"Daily Green Tea":0,"Daily Garlic":0,"Daily Ginger":0,"Daily Deflour Diet":0}}


#food #health #eating #habit #diet


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50 Word Review

This is a super simple and usable application that allows you to enter in your sleep schedule which it uses to calculate fasting times. Its UI is minimal but nice to look at. It is a work in progress so some features like the home screen are not yet available.

Developer Product Description

Interfast is a Kotlin Android Application for your intermittent fasting journey, it is:

  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Open for contributions
  • Ads free
  • Tracking free
  • And most importantly, salt Sugar free!

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Get your eating period according to your sleeping schedule and Fast/Feed target.

Overview Detail
App Name: Interfast
Code Location : https://github.com/Husseinfo/interfast
Focus Areas Intermittent fasting
Data Types Time schedule
Data Export N/A
Connectivity Offline
Suitable for non-technical people Yes
Platform Android

#fasting #health #fitness


from the Tulips

I awake by a vast ocean, with nobody but myself, and sand between my toes, some times.

It morphs into a forest, or a home, or a void, and I fail to know which. Some times

it becomes a person, and they say hello. I fall into their embrace, some times

crying, because I cannot be hurt again. There is no pain like the one I feel some times

when I remember pinning her down, crying and begging for her to remember me. But I only recall some times,

and other times, I worry about that person, who I only am some times.

I wake up as her, the one I missed the most, and maybe she forgives me. But I will never forgive myself, for some times

I worry I have gone soft, but I have to be impenetrable no times.


from Drado, the Hobbit

Hoje eu vi um texto que o usuário “underlap” postou em seu blog referente as utilidades sociais de um blog, no sentido de ser um lugar onde há a possibilidade de se guardar a história (da humanidade ou só de uma pessoa).

Em síntese, ele (ou ela) fala que presumir que os blogs sejam um repositório de conteúdos sobre a humanidade é um equívoco pois muito desses textos são bobagem ou estão nas mãos de corporações que, se você não paga, vão excluir a sua página, pressupondo que as informações estão em um constante risco.

Bom, ele pode estar certo no que se refere à fragilidade que os nossos dados estão nas mãos das empresas e que não deveríamos confiar em nenhuma delas. Tomemos um exemplo clássico: Google. É certo que, ao menos temporariamente eu estou falando da plataforma de navegação web deles, mas esqueçamos disso por um momento. Nessa companhia, pode-se notar diversos produtos que foram embora, morreram, sem simplesmente nem oferecerem um backup ou coisa do gênero aos dados dos seus clientes.

Google Allo, Google Stadia, Google Plus entre outros. O fato é que temos de ter noção que essas empresas (e o big G eu usei apenas como exemplo porque outras instituições passam por esse mesmo crivo) não estão nem aí para o que vai acontecer com os seus dados. Elas não querem saber com o que vai acontecer com as suas fotos, as suas memórias, as suas conversas... Isso se não for mais vantajoso para elas. Blogs nas mãos dessas empresas é, de fato, um risco. Não tem como garantir que eles vão nos respeitar.

Ok, tendo estes entendimento supracitados cravados em pedra, como faremos para preservar a história humana, quiçá o maior banco de dados que temos notícia? Fácil, com ferramentas que não estejam nas mãos dessas empresas. Vocês podem ver muito bem um exemplo prático dessa teoria aqui (não que eu pressopunha que alguém lerá isso), um blog totalmente gratuito, livre de corporações e anúncios, hospedado de maneira autônoma por alguém na França etc. Aqui, há a possibilidade da edição e criação da história humana bem umas 3x. Mas o que garante que a pessoa que mantém esse site simplesmente não desligue os servidores e mate todo o conteúdo daqui? Existem maneiras inteligentes de fazer isso, mas o ponto principal é que esse tipo de portal tem a premissa de que os dados são MEUS e que, numa eventual exclusão, eu posso simplesmente pegar meus textos aqui e migrar para uma outra plataforma. Pronto, manteríamos os conteúdos vivos. Você consegue compartilhar os seus dados do Google com a Microsoft? Você conseguiria migrar todos os seus arquivos, textos, fotos, músicas do Google Drive para o Microsoft Onedrive de maneira fácil? Creio que não.

No que se refere ao entendimento sobre o conteúdo em si, isso não dá para filtrar. De fato, pode ser um incoveniente você ser um historiador e ter que garimpar entre os lixos dos anúncios e dos scams algum texto bom que vá refletir o nosso momento como sociedade. Mas aí eu te pergunto: não seriam os anúncios e os scams reflexos da nossa própria sociedade? Digo, esses textos sem sentido e esses links duvidosos também fazem parte da nossa história. Também são o que somos e nos mostram muito bem o contexto que vivemos. O contexto do dinheiro fácil, dado uma sociedade imersa no capitalismo e na luta diária pelo seu trocado. Um contexto onde a informação pode ser deturpada e a pós-verdade é dada como um fenômeno global, desencadeada pela informação ligeira que tramita nos nossos colos e mãos. Esses são os valores dos anúncios. Esses são as histórias que nós vamos compartilhar com os nossos “eus” do futuro.

Como melhorar isso? Não há. Simplesmente faz parte da resolução humana. Todo esse fluxo, toda essa informação. Isso é uma evolução natural humana, sem precedentes em lugar algum. Contemplem, isso é o futuro. E o futuro é show de bola.

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from the Tulips

by: Vera, June

  1. Describe a morning you woke up terrified.
  2. What helped?
  3. When you were locked without air, did you notice?
  4. Or did you stay there, afraid?
  5. When you finally were able to breathe, did it go away?
  6. Could you ever go back?
  7. Are you still afraid?
  8. Are you better now?
  9. How do you know?
  10. Aren't you tired of being nice?
  11. Don't you just want to go APESHIT?
  12. When were you able to forget?
  13. Did you ever?
  14. Describe a morning you woke up normally.
  15. How long has it been?
  16. Describe a morning you woke up without fear.