A Fundamental Linguistic Aphorism

Source text:

On n'habite pas un pays, on habite une langue. Une patrie, c'est cela et rien d'autre.1

Target text 1:

No se habita un país, se habita una lengua. Una patria es eso y ninguna otra cosa.2

Target text 2:

One does not inhabit a country, one inhabits a language. A fatherland is that and no other.3

— Emil Cioran Aveux et anathèmes Confesiones y anatemas³ Avowals and Anathemas³


  1. Original language.
  2. My own translations of the quote.
  3. My own translations of the original title, prior to the editing and subsequent grouping of the author's work. I wanted to juxtapose renditions of the old title under which the phrase was first published in its source language.