I am just watching Frasier, right from episode one, season one... I like Frasier's older brother played by David Hyde-Pierce. I find Frasier annoying and neurotic. I didn't like him on Cheers neither. I loved Cheers. I like Kirstie Alley. She is talented... but many poo poo her bc she is overweight. Idgaf what ppl say.

Kurt is driving me crazy. He made me spill some diet cola on the chair. Fucking arse. I can't stand his bullshit.

The Easter Golden Retriever came early... Lol! We found eggs everywhere. I think we are having eggs, bacon and hash browns tomorrow. We usually have that on holidays.

Well, I am going to play Hearts. Sam

Oh yeah, Amir has a nice Mac for sale ... I am going to get it. It's $300 plus a $20 tip for coming to our door in these Covid times...