Two Main Types of Custom Plastic Signs For Your Business


There are various types of plastic used to make custom plastic signs for businesses are used in various ways. Because of the adaptability of plastic, they are utilized for sign manufacturing as plastic is easily moldable and can be sliced easily. In addition, it comes in a range of colors. Therefore, many sign producers have plastic on their list of material alternatives. When it comes to the choices of plastics for making a sign, the following are the two main types.

Two types of Custom Plastic Sign

• Acrylic

Acrylic is a versatile material that is used indoors and outdoors. Many businesses pick this material for classy, sophisticated signage needs because it is the only plastic material that can be manufactured in a clear variation. Acrylic signs are weatherproof, come in a matte or glossy surface and are extremely easy to install due to their lightweight. Only one side of this material can be printed on, but because of its lightweight and ability to come in various colors, you can pile acrylic sheets on top of each other to make a custom sign.


PVC plastic is long-lasting but must be protected from heat and direct sunshine to avoid warping and discoloration. As a result, it's only suitable for indoor usage. This can be used for directional signs, directories, and ADA signage due to the non-glare finish of PVC material.