The Black Pill is a sadly ubiquitous part of modern internet culture. The idea hearkens back to the ancient idea of humorism, it is as though people are taking pills of black bile and growing more melancholic through them. But why do people take the black pill?

What is really going on is that the Black Pill is an incomplete radicalization. I have to credit Innuendo studios for this analysis. He has an excellent video that you should watch on this topic.

The Black pill represents an aimless radicalism. Although Innuendo Studios only speaks of it as a right wing phenomenon, it is very prevalent in left wing circles too. The Black Pill is very prevalent among modern Marxists who often will talk about a proletarian revolution but do nothing in it’s service. The Black Pill comes from us being in a society able to effectively prevent radical movements but not radicalization

Enter the White Pill. Taking the white pill means working within existing institutions to achieve compassionate prosocial goals. The White Pill means rejecting apocalyptic fantasies and seeing the world for what it is, a flawed but stable system. The White Pill means joining existing institutions to reform them from the inside.

Lifeism is about preserving functional systems and enhancing their reach. This can mean saving endangered species, or saving democracy, or spreading life across the Galaxy, or spreading democracy across the Galaxy. Lifeism means choosing life in the White Pill, not choosing death in the Black Pill.