my registrar and I sat in ED at 3am and he just went “I want to cry” I made an unintelligible sound and we moved on

heck of a night to finish on, first he went to theatre and left his bleep

cue loads of angry referrers leaving passive aggressive mesages in the notes

then the urine analyser stopped working, then the BLOOD analyser stopped working????

then a crash bleep for “cardiac arrest in CT” and the reg thought it was one of our patients

it sure beats the night where three people got unwell the hour before handover tho

or when I went to assess a patient, left the ward, and was bleeped 5 mins later with a much more worrying update

overall still enjoyed it though, much better vibes than medical nights – I guess partly because we know what's going on with each person on the list, the chance to go between the wards and ED, and seeing patients get better...