Just submitted my last work for my soon-to-be-former-part-time coding gig.

(Actually I guess it's not 'soon-to-be'; it's.... 'now'.)

It struck me that my new job, while in the tech sector, isn't a coding position. It's technical, it requires coding knowledge, but I won't actually be shipping code.

And I find that very... exciting. Because now, for the first time since I was a kid, coding can be something I do entirely for fun. The whole reason I decided to get into professional coding in the first place was because I remembered how much I loved teaching myself HTML and CSS so I could dink around on <old>geocities and myspace</old>.

And now I actually know what I'm doing (HA. Well. You know what I mean.) I wonder what sort of Professional Caliber Dinking I'll get into!

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