I Quit!

I just quit one of my web contracts for a mindset coach. I suspected he might be a flim-flam man. Why wouldn't he be if that whole industry is? I mean, there are maybe 2 or 3 self-help books that are worth reading, but the rest cater to the lowest common denominator of cognition and reduce all human complexity to a few marketing gimmicks. Is this what the world is coming to?

Update: The Scammer

I did some more research into this so-called mindset coach and found out he had been a multilevel marketer or MLM; well, as Wikipedia explains the whole industry is a scam with less than one percent of people in it making any money and the golden route to riches is a myth for anyone but the guy at the head of the pyramid. Indeed what the Mindset coach told me was he was started a paid-Facebook group that would cost 20$ per month, while each referral a user would make to the group he would pocket half: 10 to the coach, 10 to the user. The group would simply be filled with videos and advice on how to change your mindset, something you can buy a good book on on Kindle for like $10, as if changing a mindset were even really so simple. So basically the whole thing is a scam. The way he spoke still makes me feel sleazy for even letting my guard down. He said he would cap a group members earnings at 75,000$ because he read that is where your happiness taps out as far as earnings (as if people are really going to be able to get 7500 people to pay 20$ a month for an unknown mindset coach's Facebook group), and he said he would easily make it a $100,000,000 business and there would be a pool of $1,000,000 employees we could draw on, and he even said he wants to help 7 billion people (the guys certainly got cojones to ever believe he could ever capture such multitudinous crowds under his in my opinion nefarious spell). I would publish his name here but I don't really have the readership to make any difference so the moral of the story is to watch out for smooth talking hucksters selling anything on or through the internet. Perhaps from its early days the internet had already been a cesspool of marketers, but I think even if I was drawn in, and I studied propaganda for years and have a supremely sceptical eye, that their schemes are becoming more sophisticated and twisted.