WordCamp Montréal 2019, ie Not the Fox

Today and tomorrow I am attending a #WordPress conference in Montreal as myself, ie not the Fox. The conference seems to mostly involve building high-ranking good looking websites, more often than not for commercial purposes – although at one session there was a guy from a suicide-prevention site asking about translation into like 47 languages. There are some accomplished people here but the overall vibe is one of business and serving clients, not writing for #revolution. Of course you can put your WordPress site on the #fediverse with the ActivityPub plugin but it just ain't the same as a fully federated #WriteFreely instance for example. Alls I am sayin' is I am realizing #wordcamps are made for my work instantiation, not for everything I have been pouring into The Fox and the Bear. It makes we wonder, where the #fediverse – camps are? Perhaps these can get going soon? I will write more about #WordPress and WordCamps after I attend WordCamp New York City in mid-September as myself, ie not the Fox .