How can I turn off Mcmmo abilities? How do I turn off skill notifications? This potential begins at a 2 second duration but will increase by 1 second each 50 ranges of your mining ability. With the instrument ready, chop a block of wood or large mushroom to activate the skill. When using Tree Feller, the durability of one's axe shall be decreased by as much as if every log/big mushroom block had been damaged individually. Tree Feller solely breaks blocks at the same top and higher than the block that is chopped, so reducing the middle of a tree will depart a stump. To make use of Tree Feller, proper-click while holding an axe to ready your software. Be aware: Unequipping your shovel will trigger the remaining time with the flexibility to be wasted and you will have to look forward to the cooldown period to cross before being in a position to make use of it once more. Leveling the skill gives you increased possibilities of further wooden dropping from trees, as well as additional duration on the tree feller skill. For a list of what any talent does and extra info on what is going on. Increased Mining levels will yield more ores and fewer debris.