The Mendes Legacy v.02 – Baking contests and yes, a surprise

Oh look! A blue haired shovel faced fug... fancy that?

Aand Ms. Punk 1997 (but seriously love the whole outfit)

The best part about the Sims 2. Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Berry pie when made by a sim with high cooking skill is always a winner.

Yet another win for Sarah.

Yes!!! A fucking vampire!! I love it. And yes, I boolpropped her with him!

Am I courting disaster? Tell me on my DW and / or my OD.

Yes, the answer is yes. I am. LOL!!! Will she become a fanged one? IDK yet... probably.

I had her drop out bc she is pregnant with the Count's children. Yes, I said children. I am evil bitch I know. 😈

Sammy xoxo