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There are so many cool blog things, so many cool ways of doing the blog thing. Like, I'm already all torn because I have a microblog (masto), and I have a DW (which I pretty much don't use, even though it's humming since the tumblpocalypse), and I have a hubzilla (which I do kinda blog on, sometimes, because it's relaxed and I feel at home there), and I have a (sort of everything I could ever want in a blog, almost), and on top of all that I have a wee news page on my website, which is like, website news, like a server shift or a site redesign or a page addition kinda thing, and means I get to use the <article> tag, but I was feeling okay, comfortable and shit. A place for everything kinda thing.

And then along comes a very limited static site generator like simple-website and I poked at it until I figured out how to customise it (I was totally prepared for it to break, but it didn't!), and now I'm like, I have to use this!

But it doesn't actually make sense for any of my current use cases. Like, ignore masto and 'zilla and DW and shit, because they are other things, too, they don't exist solely for me to post blog posts, you know? I'll focus on wordsmith, and the part-of-my-website news page.

I thought I could replace wordsmith, and then my blog could actually be part of my website.

But what if I want to blog from mobile? Can't use simple-website on mobile. Also, what if people want to follow the blog? Nada. Right now (as far as I'm aware) you can only follow wordsmith blogs via ActivityPub, but most everyone I know/that matters has that. There's no commenting, except for through ActivityPub. Again, it's pretty common around here.

To be honest, wordsmith is way less faff all around. It's easier to customise, it's easier to post, it's easier to connect. Sigh.

Okay, so I shift focus to my news page. Right now, it's simple HTML. Just edit the page when there's an update, add a new article, and upload. Switching to simple-website could be fun, but it would be counter-productive. For one, I won't use it enough to retain any of the how-to-use-the-thing information. Not to mention my news page currently is part of my site, it looks like the rest of my site (simple-website will never look exactly like the rest of the site), and it's one page. simple-website is three pages, several directories, a page for every post, and a bunch of markdown files.


It's annoying, because simple-website is cool. Oh well. I'll move it to the side, and probably forget about it. I'll certainly forget how I did all the things. I wish I had some other use for it, but, at this stage, I don't.

And I'm kinda gutted about that.

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Yeah, see, blogging? It's just not a thing I do anymore. I don't have anything important to say to the world, I don't give a shit about 'creating content' (unless it's fic, and that already has a home), and I'm certainly not keen on chronicling the details of my boring life.

When I do blog, I'm likely to be whining about something or another, or just putting out a general 'oh btw, I've been poking at such and such this week'.

And that kind of thing will be few and far between.

So I've decided that this right here is absolutely all I need. I don't wanna be tracking comments or 'targeting an audience' or any of that shit (totally fine for some, not for me), and I don't have to do that here. Yay!

So, um. Yeah. I'm officially designating this My Blog, so I can put the proper links in the proper places and such. If you're so inclined, it can be followed on Mastodon by simply copy-pasting my URL (the full url, none of this tumblr-esque calling a username a URL bollocks) into the search box, and hitting follow.

Follows only go one way here, the platform is not set up to follow back (I like that) and there's also no way I can reply to comments on mastodon from this account (nor do I get any kind of notification). I can, however, reply from my actual mastodon account, so if you want me to see your comment, mention me

So I've been trying to figure out where I want my federated long-form writing to live. I haven't been in a huge rush, because I don't do a lot of casual long-form writing, but it's still kinda been bugging me.

I guess I'm also waiting to see where fandom ends up, too, not that it really even matters, because federated...

I like that doesn't have comments. Like, all of that can happen on mastodon, which is where I am most of the time, no faffing about logging in and out of different locations, trying to navigate mobile browser text boxes etc

And it feels more polished than plume. Even though I really like plume, too.

There's just no pressure here to maintain another follow list. And that's A Good Thing, considering I've also got a dreamwidth to keep up with.

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