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What does a surgeon require to perform a delicate operation? Precision, accuracy and good tools. And that’s exactly what’s required for a good conversion process to take place.

Email Conversion is not an easy task, but you can’t ignore it. The task becomes more difficult if you don’t own the right tools required for the conversion process.

And choosing the right converter, in this case, the right MBOX to PST Converter, is a big task.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Right Choice for MBOX to PST Converter

USL Software have been the leaders of the email conversion business for a long time now. They are famous for producing eccentric but effective tools. And Mail Extractor Pro is one such tool.


The tool is the perfect balance of all the top of the line features, that help you in getting a perfect conversion process without having to deal with all the technicalities of the process.

With this MBOX to PST Converter you can do things like preserving your nested messages, attachments etc. that gives you the perfect conversion process without leaving anything behind.

Convert all the encoding schemes with this MBOX to PST Converter

Conversion of the Unicode content has always been the thorn in the sight of regular converters. Most part of the data traveling via emails can be broadly classified into two major portions that is ASCII and Unicode.

ASCII covers the textual part of the data present in your input file.

Since major portion of the data is textual therefore, most MBOX to PST Converters are fairly equipped with enough power to convert them.

It’s Unicode part that causes problem. Unicode consists of attachments, nested messages, calendars etc. Since the encoding scheme is a bit tricky therefore, it is a bit tricky to convert. Most MBOX to PST Converters fail at this very step which results in an incomplete conversion process and may have negative effects on the input data.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all the Unicode content with utmost precision and accuracy thus, providing you with a complete and perfect conversion process.

Forget About Bugs and Errors

Bugs are the least favorite thing of any user that converts email from one format to another. They are a sign of incomplete or faulty conversion process.

MBOX to PST Converter’s accuracy decide whether you’ll face the wrath of bugs and errors or not.

Mail Extractor Pro provides you with the best in class accuracy conversion accuracy. The tool makes sure that everything present in your input file is converted down to the last bit.

The tool preserves all the data elements of the input file which conserves he data in its original form. To add to this the precision offered by this MBOX to PST Converter the output file becomes an exact copy of the input file. This makes the operations like debugging and navigation easier.

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