Poker Depression – Is This Really A Problem? Poker depression is a very real problem for some players. It can also affect those who play online. When dealing with depression, it is important to treat the symptoms of the disease, but not the cause. For example, it's important to keep the depression under control while you play poker, but ignoring the symptoms can lead to major problems down the road.

Poker depression can strike players who are inexperienced or are new to the game. If you feel that you're losing in the long run, you're likely to start Situs Idn Poker thinking about quitting, which can result in much more severe depression. Sooner or later you will be faced with the decision of whether to continue playing poker.

Poker depression is also most common among poker aficionados. They tend to have a much stronger need to be right than the average person. They feel pressured to win and are overconfident about their ability to win. This causes them to focus more on details and getting away with things, while overlooking their own position and the fact that they may have a bad hand. At the same time, they lack self-confidence and suffer from a lack of self-esteem.

If you play poker at a very high level, you are very likely to suffer from a serious problem with depression. This type of depression is often caused by the pain of a loss or other complications and is very difficult to treat. But the people you know who play regularly have no such problems. It is extremely hard to diagnose or to deal with a player who has been playing for years without ever showing any signs of depression.

A good way to tell if your poker depression is serious is to ask yourself how many times you've told yourself that you'll just take it easy for a while and not push yourself as hard as you did last time. If you haven't done this then it is a clear sign that the depression is very serious. Inmost cases, you will have to do some serious psychotherapy.

Personal counselling is an option for serious poker depression. It can help you understand what is happening inside and work out a solution. It will teach you to make decisions with an open mind and treat your depression with the appropriate therapy. Most professional psychologists will also recommend therapy as part of the treatment process for this condition.

Unfortunately, not all poker players are affected by depression. If you're one of the lucky ones, it's time to try some kind of treatment to get you back into shape.

Poker depression is one of the more difficult problems in the poker world to diagnose. It can take a lot of practice and discipline to overcome, but once you do you'll realize the immense pleasure you can derive from the game again. Only you can decide if this problem is too serious to play the game of poker.