We need to talk about matrix.org

I like Matrix as a protocol but recently I started having a mixed feeling about the hosted service on matrix.org.


An open network for secure, decentralized communication

Matrix still accepts sign-ups on matrix.org. And it got 5x more activity recently. They would not have to deal with this issue if they asked users to sign up for a different instance.

For example, Mastodon site instead of directing people to mastodon.online just lists available instances and asks user to choose which one to use (joinmastodon.org).

With Matrix it's a bit problematic as homeservers are not that much community-oriented but still they are sometimes.


matrix-client.matrix.org (the homeserver) uses CloudFlare for “DDoS protection” which will eventually let CloudFlare MitM everything.

Also by using it, matrix.org gives CloudFlare even more centralization power. If CF goes down, half of the internet will break including matrix.org. That's not how web should work.

Please stop Element

This is not really a problem with matrix.org but that's the recommended client. Literally everywhere you get an ad (not really but I'll consider such recommendation as ad) about EMS a.k.a. we host it for you, trust the experts.


Matrix is federated and you can talk with anyone no matter which homeserver they use. I'll leave some recommendations for providers:

Clients like mirage even give you a list of public homeservers for you to sign up on.