Hello, World!

The New Year is already here, and nothing can make a year as memorable as, well... writing everything down!

I'm Aritz Erkiaga, currently a Medicine student at the University of the Basque Country. But, for someone as curious as me, learning and making are unavoidable side quests, so as projects come and go, I'll keep track of my progress around them here.

As of right now, in the middle of the exam period, there are three main creative projects behind my procrastination: * Nodeverse, a space exploration game inspired by No Man's Sky, but with voxel mechanics. * An open-source printer; it started as a proposal by a social network user, then evolved into a project involving multiple people... Although only I seem to be working on it at the moment. * Something else :) A big, big project that I expect to talk more about in the future.