W1: unusually productive

This week has been marked by productivity; that, and bad sleep. I ...

Did I mention I have a final exam tomorrow? Yeah... It's about this. Not my cup of tea, not terribly complicated either; I could probably have studied more if I hadn't done any of the above things :/ Or if I had studied at all before this week. But, y'know, procrastination... Of the productive kind.

Well, there's some good news too. The new 3d printer has arrived, so hopefully I will start using it in the coming days.

Also, Nodeverse is becoming much more popular. Now over 1600 downloads, it got its first positive review, stating that it “needs some work, but we could be looking at the next No Man's Sky”! Not sure about the last part, but I sure will put that work in. The game currently appears on the first page of the ContentDB “Top Games” list... which is only 3 pages long anyway, but hey, that's something!