W2: circuits, circuits, circuits, circuits

There's a chance you know about the electric-hydraulic anlogy. An analogy between two fields I happen to need, in combination, in two of my projects... Now, I've got an exam on neurology and cardiology next week. Apparently unrelated, huh?

What if I show you this article related to neurology? Or this one to cardiology (no, that graph is not from a half-wave rectifier with a smoothing capacitor). Or this whole bunch of literal circuit diagrams taken straight out from medical-related publications? See the pattern now?

Well, this is the simple fact that both engineers and nature look for solutions to fight the very same physical laws (also scientists don't like reinventing the wheel). And this week I'm studying all these four “similar” subjects; isn't that terribly beautiful? :D

By the way, I'm much less interested in those four than I am in the psychiatry-computer science duo; and I might be forcing the analogy at this point, but I want to believe it's no coincidence that I want to become a psychiatrist... Deep Learning, anybody? Anyway, don't mind my ramblings ;)

This week, after having previously contacted them, I sent an e-mail to the FSFE translators mailing list with a list of changes to help correct the faulty spanish translation of their PM/PC Open Letter. I hope their campaign ends up being successful!

My Big Project is related to the field of biotechnology. I need to make it reliable for critical applications, while still being open to flexible use. One particular problem I've faced is storage: how can I implement an atomic, consistent filesystem that's still dead simple and standard? Well, I've been working a bit on that front. I want to create a protocol that's verified by automated proof and then show it to people that might also find it useful.

And, last but not least, I've made the decision that I want to participate in GSOC 2022, as, for the first time, it allows non-CS students to get onboard! I've read the rules and everything, but I'm worried that my being a med student will get my proposal turned down... Oh, yes, I only intend to send one, to this organization (provided they even participate...). I've been reading their source code this week so at least I get a head start; I'll need to set up a computational chemistry workflow though.