Unconventional? Say people look for meanings.

Utter something like: nkmdssg and a human will find it hard to leave the collection of letters non classified in the unclassified class of meaning. What does it mean? Nothing, it's just it. Great – now we have a meaning! Lets be nkmdssg-al?

Uncontroversial? Say people generally agree the not so human stuff is meaningless.

The wind doesn't mean to blow your hair nor your mind into thinking that since the hair was blown – it means you just must get drunk before 5pm or the world will end!! It was a sign to save life as we know by the wind! ..and there are 15 minutes to do that!

A bit huhuhsional?

Say poesis. Unlike poetics and poetry – the gathering of repeatable elements that might have yet to repeat or come together – hence are indeed meaningless. Say poesis, historically composition and process of making, can be imagined to operate through Frictions like imaginary numbers without values but qualities? No. ( I doubt to don't think so since the correlation doesn't click, like a wind willing a scent of coffee into one's senses in the dead of a memorably cold night? ) No means a negative? ( well.. if it does, and meaning doesn't exist..? No is when meaning ends? ) Suppose you wanted, needed, desired, was impelled to tell someone about you utter un-evolving revulsion by the sensation of their thoughts about you – let alone their touch. Suppose you held that requirement to share such emotions, like lungs seeking air – yet didn't have a word to say: No?
No operates as a rejection? A friction that finds it hard to be and harder to repeat? How about Meanings, like No, reject poesis? How about poesis being the sensations when they live and speak-like before coherent meaning is formed and shared, chewed and argued over? else no but non thing un stuff in it's some?