persistent desires?

some peolple say ya ya is a to ep me so y ya si

but and when if or (

while however but

[ if ) or when but and

but then if cause be but if therefore while because while therefore however although when

hummYouNiche doYouGood? humm you niche humm-you-niche do you good do-you-good?

cracknam orcrack orcracknornam?

cracknum crackor crackornumnor?

humm num nam crack?

some frictions take a long encounter other frictions have no time?

2-2 2-2 3?

(2 2) (2 2) 3?

{ – –|– – – –|– – – – –? }*

/|/ /|/ \ ?

(– – – –) (– – – –) – – –?

(/ /) (/ /) \ ?

friction some a take encounter long friction others has time no?

(2) (2) 2 2 (3) ?


**{these abstractions prove a need for a new approach.}

*{} required since else the app takes 1st – as a bullet point?

** 2nd verse shows the mistake in the 1st abstraction cluster, the lack of attention to the intervals between the words. eg (2-2) or (2 2) or (– – – –) tells us nothing about the interval between the two 2s. we got an abstraction, not a ready abstract.

Unconventional? Say people look for meanings.

Utter something like: nkmdssg and a human will find it hard to leave the collection of letters non classified in the unclassified class of meaning. What does it mean? Nothing, it's just it. Great – now we have a meaning! Lets be nkmdssg-al?

Uncontroversial? Say people generally agree the not so human stuff is meaningless.

The wind doesn't mean to blow your hair nor your mind into thinking that since the hair was blown – it means you just must get drunk before 5pm or the world will end!! It was a sign to save life as we know by the wind! ..and there are 15 minutes to do that!

A bit huhuhsional?

Say poesis. Unlike poetics and poetry – the gathering of repeatable elements that might have yet to repeat or come together – hence are indeed meaningless. Say poesis, historically composition and process of making, can be imagined to operate through Frictions like imaginary numbers without values but qualities? No. ( I doubt to don't think so since the correlation doesn't click, like a wind willing a scent of coffee into one's senses in the dead of a memorably cold night? ) No means a negative? ( well.. if it does, and meaning doesn't exist..? No is when meaning ends? ) Suppose you wanted, needed, desired, was impelled to tell someone about you utter un-evolving revulsion by the sensation of their thoughts about you – let alone their touch. Suppose you held that requirement to share such emotions, like lungs seeking air – yet didn't have a word to say: No?
No operates as a rejection? A friction that finds it hard to be and harder to repeat? How about Meanings, like No, reject poesis? How about poesis being the sensations when they live and speak-like before coherent meaning is formed and shared, chewed and argued over? else no but non thing un stuff in it's some?

homespun Saucepan Marzipan? Marzipan homespun Saucepan? Saucepan homespun Marzipan? Saucepan Marzipan homespun? oh me spun Saw c e pan Ma rzi pan? ho mess pun Saucy pan Marzi pan? Saw u c ee pan Mars i pan homies pun? Ma ma are zip anne homes pun Sow u see pan? So you see pan ho miss pun Mars ape anne?

Homespun Souspan Marzipan? Marzipan Homespun Souspan? Souspannetjiespampoensap? Souspan Marzipan Tuisblad? O ek het gespring Saw c e pan Ma rzi pan? ho messepasta Saucy pan Marzi pan? Het jy gesien hoe jy Mars pluk? Ma ma is zip anne huise pun Sow jy sien pan? So jy sien pan ho miss pun Mars aap anne?

I-homepun Subpan i-Marzipan? I-Subpan yasekhaya yaseMarzipan? Souspannetjiespampoensap? Ikhasi lasekhaya le-Souspan Marzipan? Oh Ngagxuma I-Pan i-Mazi i-pan? ho messepasta Saucy pan Marzi pan? Uke wabona ukuthi ukhetha i-Mars? Umama wami u-zip nezinye izindlu pun Ngakho ubona i-pan? Ngakho-ke ubona iphoyisa lingaphuthelwa iMonkey monkey?

Homepun Subpan Marzipan? The home of the Marzipan home? Subpannetjiespampoensap? Subpan Marzipan homepage? Oh I jumped Pan i-Mazz Pan? to the Sauce pan Marzi pan? Have you ever noticed that you choose Mars? My mother is zip and other houses pun So you see the pan? So do you see a policeman miss out on the Monkey monkey?

? <–> Come com kom Pel Pell pell palp pell pellpalp-palpell ell entrain en entrainment entertainment enter other friction being to-un-be be-and-bee be-but-butt-by-bye-bee entrain pel palp palpable pell kom come cummmmm pelcome palpcome palpkom palpcummmmm compalp pel entrain train entainment rain rain-pel Pol polite Polity polity-ethics politics politic-pel politic-compel facists-compel pelican peli-can-not pel-can-Un peli-can-non pel-i-can-on cannon-come-palp cannon-can-on-compel can-on-on-cannon-come-play-pel pel-i-pel-non-on pel-i-palp-non-on <–> ?

Come? ?com ?kom? Pel? Pell? pell? palp? pell? pellpalp-palpell? ?ell? entrain? en? entrainment? entertainment? enter? other? friction? being? to un-be? be and bee? be but butt by bye bee? entrain? ?pell ?palp? palpable? pell kom? come? ?cummmmm? pelcome? ?palpcome? ?palpkom palpcummmmm? compalp? ?pel? entrain? train? entainment? rain? rain pel? ?Pol? polite Polity? polity ethics? politics? politc pel? politic compel? ?facism compel pelican? peli can not? pel can Un? peli can non? pel i can on? cannon come palp? cannon can on compel? can on on cannon come play pel? pel i pel non on? pel i palp non on?

Melancholic love frictions? when love destroys, obliterates, annihilates, and comes to go without memories nor living lives left to tell about the loving experience? when love has a friction that creates its own infinity, a way through which nothing goes until that very distinct conductive sensation comes? When love leaves wishing to be hanging rather than dangling from on to on through on, on without an off let alone a non? When love wipes smiles into another universe of forgetful forgotten speculations? When love is endlessly drinking a relentless brew made of a roasted you – and you begin researching for a clue how such a you has ever evolved? When love keeps being not without ever being while going on popping and maintaining a leap from an abysmal friction to another – and – life can not seem to survive unless the last love-abyss-leaping is a future wishing to have never been neglected?

me so bit she? miss your birch? miss your beech? miss beach you? me so bit she? miso beach she? miso bitch she? mi so birchy? miso birchy? miso birch she? mi so birch she? mi so be archy? miso bee archy? missing be arching? miss be arching? miss bee arch she? miss so bee arch she? mi so be arch ye? miso archy? miso archy beach? mi so archy bitch? miso beachy arch? miso beat archy? mi so bit arch ye? mi so beat? mi so beat ye? ye mi so beat ye? ye me mi so beat? ye me mi so beaty? ye me mi so bit beat ye? ye me mi so beaty bit beat ye? ye yee mi me so so bet bit beaty bit beat ye? ye mi yee me so bit so bet bit-beat beaty yee? yee ye mi me bit-beat beaty-bitty? yee ye mi me bit-beat beaty-bitty so-so? so miso bit beaty? so me miso bit beaty bitchy? so me miso bit beat beat-bit bitch ye? so-so mi me miso bit beat beat-bit ye? beat so beat-bit ye? mi so bit beaty? mi so beat bitty? mi so bitty? missing bitty? miss sing bitty? mi sing bitty? mi sing beat? missing beat she? missing beach ye? missy beachy you? miss beach you? missy beachy? missing bitchy? miss ye bitch yee? bit yee me sing beaty? beat me sing bitty? bitchy me sing you itchy? bitch yee miss sing bit bitchy? itchy me miss bitchy? itchy missing bitchy? itch she me sing bit itchy? itch she me singing beat itchy? itchy misu bit she? itchy misu beat she? itchy misu bitty she? itch ee me so bitty she? miss ee bit she? itchy me bitty? beat so beat-bit ye? beat so beat-bit she? she ee beat so beat-bit ye? she bit beat miso beat-bit ye? she me bit beat miso beat-bit ye? she ee bit beat miso beat-bit me? ms ee bit ee? ms ee bit shee? ms ye bit shee? me see bit she? me see bit che? me c beat yee? me c beat che? me sing beach she? me sing beat she? me sing bit she? me sing bitchy? missing bitchy? missing beat she? missing bit she? missing bit che? missing bee she? missing bee che? missing ee ee? mee eesing ee ee? mee eessy ee chee? mee ees ee ee chee? mee soo ee chee? mee-mee soo ee-ee chee? soo mee-mee ee-ee chee? seee mi-mee ee chee? eee mi-ee ee ch eee? ch mi-ee ee chee? ch mi-ee ee so-chee-chi? ch mi-ee ee so so-chee-chi? ch mi-ee ee soo so-chee-chi? ch mi-ee ee so-chee soo-chi? me sing bee she?