6 Online Tools You Can’t Go On Without In SMM


Social media has revolutionized the way businesses market their products and services. With a huge number of social media management tools available you can direct your marketing efforts in the most efficient and money-savvy manner.

Listed below are six SMM tools that the business world can benefit from.



Add PhotoADKing to the list of free social media tools that every marketer should have. It allows you to generate great SMM campaign visuals. Use it to spice up your content and increase the number of people who like and share your posts.

You don't even need to be a graphic designer to use PhotoADKing. It has a variety of ready-to-use layouts and beautiful images. This means you can make an eye-catching featured photo in a matter of minutes.



If you are managing a business that has multiple accounts on different social media platforms, Buffer is your go-to tool. Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage all the accounts effortlessly by providing the feature of linking, adding, and removing them. It also has a Content tab that allows you to create and share content on different networks. The Analytics tab enables you to analyze the reach and impact of your marketing efforts.

The Scheduling tab is yet another feature using which you can schedule your future content and posts. Buffer has no option of social inbox nonetheless. The social media marketing tool is quite popular amongst marketers and is available as a browser extension and mobile app. You can avail the amazing basic features of Buffer for free or can purchase the premium version paying for.



It is an efficient social media management tool that is used and liked by a myriad of people across the globe. The first step is to create an account after which you will have access to many amazing features. Whether you are a blogger or a business the owl is there to assist you in reaching your target audience by allowing you to manage various social media networks.

Whether it is Facebook or Twitter or Instagram you can link all the accounts. You can then post to one of these accounts or all of them in one click. The tool also enables easy monitoring of the marketing campaign by analyzing the impact a particular marketing program had on the audience.

However, it doesn’t have the feature for automatic scheduling. Hootsuite allows the users to upload bulk content yet it doesn’t have a keyword monitoring option. The mobile app of the tool is also available with both free and premium features.



SocialOomph was initially built for Twitter yet over time it incorporated other social media networks for a more comprehensive impact. Like other SMM tools, you can create an account to have access to its features. The setup comprises five tabs that are self-explanatory being the Monitoring tab, Network tab, Following tab, Posting tab, and the Help tab.

The tool offers the benefit of uploading bulk content but that shall be uploaded to each network individually instead of all together. SocialOomph allows keyword monitoring and RSS feeds are also supported by the platform. Available in desktop and mobile app this tool can be used for free for basic features. You, however, can make use of advanced features for a trial period before actually purchasing the premium product.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is an SMM tool that is built with an emphasis on the interaction between businesses and their target audience. Not only can you manage your social media account you also have the option to monitor your audience and their preferences on a continuous basis.

You can schedule a task by assigning it to the team members and get instant feedback about a recent post. The Unique Discovery tab allows you to monitor and search for keywords that your customers are using. Social inbox is a salient feature of Sprout Social yet it has some limitations to post on some networks.

Post Planner


Facebook and Twitter are the giants of social media without any doubt. If you are targeting your audience through these two platforms Post Planner is the SMM tool for you. You can search for keywords easily along with the trending content for that particular keyword.

The simple interface allows the users to schedule their posts conveniently. Though Post Planner comes with no monitoring feature yet is the most cost-effective tool for marketing through Facebook and Twitter.

Different social media management tools come with different features that are suitable for marketing on different platforms. The type of business you own and the demographics of your audience are the decisive factors in choosing one tool over the other.

However, with all the amazing features and a minimum cost, social media management tools are undoubtedly the present and future of online marketing.