Use Search hacks to search out wood. As soon as you've got discovered a tree, make sure to plant more, as you wish to have an infinite source of wooden. Instantly craft a wood decide, after which go for a stone choose/sword. Even if you did purchase it, going afk or logging out to determine how one can craft or to change to a different shopper is a foul thing to do if you want to preserve your position. After this, you must kill a skeleton and get bones from it, which must be transformed to bonemeal. Not solely do you have to get over the withers, but you additionally should get over the “spawnfags” in enchanted diamond armor that will attempt to kill you. Next, make sure you may have time. Be certain the zombies you might be attacking are far away from different mobs, as they may overpower you. The primary method is the best approach to get far away from spawn. If sufficient folks agree with you and cancel their accounts too, Blizzard should work tougher to “get things proper”. Some personal shoppers may fit too, but make sure it's well-known (they may be backdoored).