Der zukünftige Fußballtrainer der deutschen Nationalmannschaft der Männer

Mit der UEFA EURO 2020 (you read that correct) vor der Tür, nachdem Jogi Löw seinen Abschied erklärt und bevor Hansi Flick seinen DFB-Vertrag unterschrieben hatten, befragte ich den Third Wave Future Scenario Generator über die Nachfolger-Problematik. Und ließ den Tab dann für Wochen unbeachtet in meinem Browser geöffnet.

Bevor ich ihn nun gleich schließe, nutze ich die drei dort generierten Texte, um diese Blogging-Plattform auszuprobieren.

Scenario 1 In this future, the German soccer team consumes especially big quantities of coca cola in the hopes that it brings them better results. Future Scenario 2: In this future, the German soccer players receive hypnosis treatment before their games, which reduces their hunger and makes them more focused on winning the game. Future Scenario 3: At the beginning of each soccer season, the players receive spiritual therapy in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming season. (This was useful, since the former soccer coach had been slightly psychologically unstable for some time.)

Scenario 2 Imagine a future where the so-called virtual currencies have taken over. Due to their high degree of anonymity, they are primarily used for criminal activities by terrorists and for drug trafficking. Any internet user can purchase goods anonymously, which makes it impossible to fight this kind of crime. Banks and states protect themselves against this with high security firewalls, so that only authorized bank employees can transfer funds. In this future, however, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior is concerned about the billions of Euros in taxpayer money being transferred within the European Union. So, they attempt to forbid the use of virtual currencies within the EU. The government tries to make a law against the use of virtual currencies. This runs against the advise of the member countries of the European Central Bank. The German Federal Government believes, that the member countries will realize the dangers of non-regulated virtual currencies at some point. As a result, they introduce a computer program which monitors the usage of virtual currencies in the entire EU and reports possible suspicious activity to the federal police.

Scenario 3 What if in this future, computers are able to develop their own artificial intelligence? This is not as paradox as it sounds at first, because there have been experiments in which computers were able to learn from input data, as if they were animals. If the computer starts to gain a consciousness, it can begin to design its own programs. This can be compared to how human babies grow up. The baby gains intelligence bit by bit through training. In the future however, this training will be done by the computer. In addition, the computer can start to think about certain issues. It begins to understand its purpose and potential. After this, the computer can begin to think independently about certain topics. The computer raises important questions to its users or even itself. However, since computers lack understanding of certain social interactions, they project some human characteristics on themselves. They may try to get more information or they may try to make contact with other computers. All of this makes it possible in the coming decades that computers develop into highly intelligent artificial intelligences.

Die 1. Vorhersage ist wohl klar die beste.