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Disgusting human trash

You have to check this out. Pinky told me about it. Something tells me that this rapper is into devil worship. He has these wicked contacts. :( Why must people do this kind of shit???

Anyways, today is a tossup. I was going to go to the dog park with my girls, but my stupid brother is going in the aft, when I am attending my friend Leona's bf's funeral. Poor sod dropped from a massive heart attack. :( Life is short.. also... I need to take my bath.. why Ry, must you come later on?! I hope Bees will bring me back a Boston cream donut and an iced coffee.

I am hungry. We are having mushroom soup and grilled cheese for lunch.


We are having the electrician put in pot lights in the tv room. Make it brighter, but knowing Ryan he will keep the lights low bc he is either stupid af or just super sensitive to lights. He does this all the time, turning off all of the lights.

Next week, tomorrow is when I get back my computer and I'm getting a iPad Air. Hopefully I can get a new bed, bc the current one gives my trick back hell.

My sister Bees is half asleep. I just asked Bees if I could have a thing of her cottage cheese for snack. I enjoy fruit cocktail with my cottage cheese. I like the sweet – saltiness of it. :)

This guy here baffles me.

What would possess you to try and eat this crap? His gp must hate him something fierce. :o


As it is, my roomie is now dead to the world — dreaming of when she can be freed of the COVID-19 shackles... she has a life to lead after all... as do I.

But where she cannot take it, I can. I thrive on hardship. I guess it's my upbringing? I reckon so.

Anyways, I am thinking of starting a writing blog here on WS.

Well.. here we go...


Today I went on a trek with brother Ryan and sisters Bees and Julz and Ollie of course. He is mostly why we were there. LOL!!! Um.. tonight we are having steakettes on a bun, which I've never had. I've had some pork thingy on a bun, but that's it. I reckon that this will be new to me... but I will try things once.... sounds like a great dinner with a Caesar salad for the side? Nice! :)

I guess I have been ignoring the other blogs. I will delete the sims blog bc I post them to Imgur now. I won't give out the URL to Harris legacy bc it isn't going to last bc I only have Bees' computer til next week — Thursday to be exact. I am taking out the whole damn thing and give $350 to Amir and the rest Bees can have... bc she is that darn sweet. <3


I'm watching Kenny vs Spenny... which is basically every frat boy's dream team. They enjoy causing chaos... I like it, bc I like watching trainwrecks. Like take this ep I'm watching, they are competing to see which guy can piss off the most people. I can do that easily. I'm a Yankees fan, that pisses a lot of ppl off... for some reason...?

I am really hungry. We are having roast chicken, rice and some kind of veg. A typical Sunday night type dinner. After dinner I might relax or get together my laundry for tomorrow...

It was a very beautiful day out, and I was out for the majority of the day sunning myself with my girls. I really like it out nowadays, but when it gets murderously hot out, I guess I will just chill indoors...


It's been a gloriously warm and sunny day out today.. with the high being 15c or 59f...

C thinks that my spot in the quiet room has the best wifi reception... I'm like... okay... (¬_¬ ) But sure, why the f not? I mean, it's not really my personal spot... heh..

Here is what I'm listening to:

You can't beat Bob. :)

Another Bob worth a looksee, is Bob Ross.

Very relaxing if you are stressed or upset.

I'm watching the Mask of Zorro, but it is dead boring. :(

I guess that I will just tune it out and listen to music.


This morning I heard G talking shit about me. Guess who doesn't give a flying fuck? :)

Julz is thinking of leaving bc of the High & Mighty clique. I told her not to go.

I am thinking of going out for a walk or go outside in the back just for some fresh air. I need that.

This song always puts me in a good mood. :D

Anyways, Toulouse-Lautrec non?


I think now that Wen is coming back, our snack issue will be resolved. Ry can be a stubborn fuck. I pay rent here and I go halfsies with Bees and Julz to get our snacks and we should have access to them.

Just sayin'.

Not to be bitchy or anything.. Julz and I just want our share of the snacks. And Ryan should see this. It's not rocket science.

I can't sleep just now... I guess I will listen to Youtube... or play Pokemon. :3


Sir Olivier Doggo

Here is my dog.

He is a golden retriever. He is loveable but he loves his food. <3


Today has been a relatively sedate day. :3 I have yet to take a pic of Ollie. I took one but he was in mid gallup and so, blurry... I will get a pic of him sooner or later. He might come and settle down a bit.

I want another pop but it's one a day... :( I have to drink water. Or tea. No more coffee til tomorrow. But there is water and tea... when I first came here I was a coffee drinker and Bees was a tea drinker, then as Brigitta served tea as well, I turned to tea and got Bees hooked on coffee... then, Jase got her addicted to black coffee. I don't usually drink my coffee black. I get too wired if I do. :)

I wonder what's for supper? I'm hoping it is burritos and some kind of sides.

Bees needs help with her iPad mini. It's locked but in five minutes we can try and get into it, to activate her wifi. :) Dave entrusted me with the password and I'm taking it to the grave. :/ I am dead serious. :)

Well, I am going to eat now.