A mirror-magic spell for self-exploration

As an addendum to the 4 spells of mirror magic for trans people. This one is not trans-specific; it’s a facial method of scrying, and will show visions of personal significance to the querent. Their interpretation is up to you, and should be based on your own knowledge, memories, fictions and feelings.

🪞 To See New Faces In The Mirror 🪞

Do this in a room that’s completely dark, like a bathroom at night with a window that can be shuttered. You’ll need 3 candles and a timer. For grounding afterwards, have at hand a glass of water or tea, and something to eat (cake or bread work great, or anything made of whole grains, or potato).

Clean the mirror well, and stand in front of it. Set up an area behind you where you can safely light up the 3 candles. Clean this area well, bring the candles, and adjust their position so that you’ll be able to see your reflex clearly, candlelight like an aura around yourself – but the candlefires themselves must not be visible within the frame. Turn off any other sources of light, like any electric lights outside the door and over the house; you want no light reflecting from the mirror but the candles, through you. Set up the timer for 9 minutes.

Once preparations are ready, light up the 3 candles, turn off the light, lock the door, and start the timer.

While approaching the mirror, touch your hand to your reflection’s. Stop at a forearm’s length, look into the mirrorself’s eyes, and breathe deeply, three times. Without breaking eye contact, let your hand go down. Keep looking into the eyes. You’ll begin to see things. Nothing you see can harm you. Do not look away.

To end the experience, thank anything you’ve seen in the mirror, flick the lights on, put off the candles with wet fingertips (don’t blow), and go drink and eat.

Shamanic music or entheogens can intensify this experience. If you want to explore scrying, do this periodically and take note in a diary of what you see each time.